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Thread: Art Requests go here~

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    Default Art Requests go here~

    Meh, I've been kinda bored lately, and I have some spare paper to use up. So I thought "Why the fuck not? It'll keep my mind off of this rough patch I'm going through at the moment."

    Yeah, art request thread. Tell me what you want, I'll update this post when I get requests, and I'll get my big ass drawing away.

    Things I Will Draw
    • Women (any body type, and yes, I mean ANY!)
    • Boys (men are too difficult)
    • Furs (preferably babyfurs, but I can do normal furs)
    • Couples doing SFW things (cuddling, kissing, etc.)
    • Any of the above with accessories like plushies, trees, etc.

    Things I Will Not Draw
    • Overly-sexual things (pin-ups are fine)
    • Gore
    • Scat (Don't. Even. Ask.)
    • Violence

    About My Style
    ~I only do chibi work at this time due to lack of inspiration. These chibis are not your typical anime-style chibis. I combine the western style bodies (exaggerated curves) with a cute round little head.
    ~Another thing I will draw is what I call a "plushi-chibi" These look a lot like stuffed animals, and do not have much detail. But, I assure you that they are darling.
    ~I draw in watercolours, gouache, and coloured pencil.

    1. Username
    2. Character(s) Description (eye, hair/fur colour, body type, get descriptive)
    3. Pose (tell me what they're doing)
    4. Any specific background/other details?
    5. Accessories, etc?
    6. Medium (watercolour, gouache, and coloured pencil are your choices.)

    EDIT: Artwork Sample

    All images will be uploaded into the gallery here.

    I was recently (like just now) invited to an art show/selling for my mom's school next week. I've got to work on that right now, but I assure everybody that their requests will be worked on and posted as soon as this is over.
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    I'd love to request a drawing. It involves two specific figures, but I need to get some details from somebody else before I can give you the exact information! I'll get in touch with you soon to let you know. ^ ^ Anything to help you relax and enjoy a creative endeavor -- everybody should be able to take pride in their specific talent!

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    I've always wanted to see a cute picture of Young Link holding the Keaton mask so you can see it and Link's face. I've looked and haven't seen any good ones, so that is my request.

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    Nei! I would cordially... like a free excuse to use the word cordially. Huzzah!

    now if'n you don't mind, I'd like to submit mah thingeh :U

    Username CuteGaachan, of course
    Character(s) Description Robin's egg blue eyes... dark brown hair ... standing around age 5 or so... hmm...skinny, blah blah blah, you know what I look like.
    Pose Coloring!
    Any specific background/other details? Nah, go with whatever!
    Accessories, etc? Blankie! That's it, probably some cute clothes or something, too. Oh, and a kamen rider belt!
    Medium Whatever you feel like using!
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    Oooh Nei Nei, can you draw a picture of little me?

    Username - Mandy also known as Boo
    Character Description- light brown hair, hazel eyes, very small for a 4 year old,
    Any specific background/other details?
    Accessories - my teddy bear Spritle ( though he's a polar bear ) & my paci. I love my hair in pigtails by the way!

    Gahh Thank you so much Nei Nei, I can't to see it!
    Medium - Uhmm.. I dunno?

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    All sent to your PM, NeiNei -- did that because otherwise, the request would merit a "tl;dr" somewhere in there. Hell, it might merit that from you!

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    I have been wanting to get a conbadge done for ages now, but due to financial problems I just can't afford it!! If you ever feel like doing a babyfur conbadge for me, that'd be wicked

    Won't bother typing all the stuff out now, but if/when you want to send me a message and i'll send info and references (other adult-fur [as in grown up fur] artwork)

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    Another person to have their little self drawn here.

    Username: Dreamaker
    Description: 5/6 year old boy, with short black hair. Blue eyes. Wearing green pyjamas with childish pictures of racecars on them. A slight diaper bulge and the tip of some diapers sticking out around the waist.
    Background: Any
    Pose: Sitting down, cuddling a red/blue monkey plushie and smiling.
    Accessories: Well, the plushie of course, and a pink paci.
    Medium: umm... You're the artist. Whatever suits you.

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    Hee, you've got a lot of requests already.

    If you're still looking for more, I'd really like a drawing of little me riding a dinosaur, omg.

    1. Username: Rosy
    2. Character(s) Description: hazel eyes, brown hair, yellow triceratops dinosaur if possible
    3. Pose (tell me what they're doing): riding/sitting on a dinosaur. The dinosaur can look like a big plushie if you like.
    4. Any specific background/other details? Sucking a paci is always cute, but not necessary. Me or the dinosaur.
    5. Accessories, etc? None other than that.
    6. Medium (watercolour, gouache, and coloured pencil are your choices.) I loooove coloured pencils, but whatever you like really.

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    1. Username NirvanaIsAmazing
    2. Character(s) Description: medium-long, straight hair, blue eyes, 18 months old, cacausian. Wearing a red footed sleeper with diaper buldge
    3. Pose (tell me what they're doing): sitting playing an acoustic guitar. You don't have to be too detailed on the guitar
    4. Any specific background/other details? Living room like environment, don't worry too much about it though
    5. Accessories, etc? Blue pacifier with yellow ring
    6. Medium watercolor or colored pencils, whichever is easier

    thanks alot

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