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    I have been deling with night time incontinece for a while now and have no trouble hiding it, my problem is I recently started having day time issues. I wear a guard at work and am about 30 feet from the restroom so I constantly go there (every 20-30 minutes). My problem is when not at work. Last Friday night my wife and I went to a shooting competition and I tried wearing a pullup with a guard in it. I changed the guard twice and still leaked. I have pretty much accepted the fact that I need to wear diapers when out, the problem is tht I spend one night a week at my inlaws place. (My wife works up in that area durin the week and it is to far to commute and I go visit her on my days off.) I am not sure about how to handle others such as my inlaws finding out. I wear a long shirt untucked to cover the bulk, but still worry about the crinkling noise.
    My question to you guys is how have you handled this issue, have you told certain people about it and if so what was their reaction? (Did you notice them treatig you any differently) Or do you continue to deal with the stress of hiding it and having it found out?

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    Well if I were you, I would just try and hide it and keep it private, if they find out, just tell them you have been having problems. It is none of their business and I doubt everyone tells people they have diabetes or other medical conditions. I don't tell people about my disability.

    I have worn diapers around my family and relatives and no one has said anything except my parents. They tend to pat my butt and they can feel it.

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    I have the same problem as you as well. I started with night time bedwetting and now am having control issues during the day. At first I was a little hesitant in speaking about it and was ashamed around my wife. But I talked to my mother in law who has control issues as well and she beat it into my head that its not the end of the world. Using pullups during the day works and I buy the premium ones and haven't had many problems with leaking but that just may be the ammount that I leak. At night I wear briefs and usually a pull up over it, then boxers and pajama bottoms which kind of hide the noise. But I have only told my wife, my mother, mother in law and my brother and sister in law (I was staying at their place in Phoenix and wanted to give them a heads up so there is no misunderstanding). But nobody had anything really to say besides "Oh, okay." They know but its not something we discuss alot. But I have found that by letting them know and when I go over to their places and stay overnight there is no real stress because its not this "dark secret" that I feel compelled to hide. Personally its liberating.

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    For me, it is a need to know basis that I am incontinent. My wife knows, and just a few friends know. I live a normal life, go to work, go out to eat and shopping with wife, family gatherings, visit parents, and much more while wearing an adult diaper. No one has ever noticed the bulk or the noise. We are more concerned about it because we know it is there. If they don't know they are not tuned into the sounds that we hear. For me I wear my pants in a larger size, sometimes if I am not wearing jeans I will wear boxers or even regular underwear over my diaper to cut down on the crinkle sound.

    While staying at my sister in-laws, I just be as discreet as possible and change in the bedroom or bathroom putting my wet diapers back into my bag so I can dispose of them when we leave.

    I am not going to let this stop me from living. Just because we may have to change our underwear more often doesn't keep us from living. It's easier to change a wet diaper than wet pants.

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