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    Default Hi Everyone

    My name is Steph, I have been a bed wetter since i was very young but just recently i have began to develop a liking towards wearing diapers. I just thought i would drop by and check out some of the diaper lover community to see what its all about. I am not an AB, i have no desire to be treated like an infant. My primary interest is diapers, Also i just graduated from high school which is super great.

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    Default Welcome Steph!

    Welcome to ADISC! There are many here with varied interest in diapers. Just because you like diapers (DL) doesn't mean you like being babied (AB/TB). Make sure to check out the Wiki for more info on both.

    Please tell us a little more about yourself other than your diaper interest as well. You see, we are a very diverse community and tend to discuss a multitude of topics. Do you have any hobbies or interests that others may share? What are you doing now that you have graduated - working, attending college, etc.? How are you keeping warm in this frigid winter - campfire, a thick duvet, burning old notebooks?

    Again, welcome to ADISC, and we hope to see you around the forums!

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    Hey welcome, nice of you to drop by! Were all open here!! Its a nice place to meet people and to get info. So cloest dl said desirbe your self a bit and have some fun with it. Hope you enjoy it here!!

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