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    I just just had my order of Depend Super Briefs arrive this morning. After trialling one for a few hours I thought I'd do a short review. So here goes:

    I think firstly it is important to note that these are completely different to the Depend fitted briefs I have used before. I was expecting the same old product with maybe a little more absorbency, however upon opening the pack I discovered that they are nothing like the old ones.

    Here's a photo I took:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The new style come in normal, super and super plus absorbencies. I would like to try the super plus but the price was pretty hefty (around $30AUD for 15pk). The super however was only $25AUD for a 20pk, so much better value for money.

    The supers are much thicker than the original depend fitted briefs. They have a completely different plastic covering on the outside which is quite a heavy plastic but feels softer than the old one. The diaper/nappy has two refastanable tapes per side instead of three which fasten to a wide taping panel on the front. The tapes are like duct tape and actually require a fair effort to get undone. There is no front elastic waistband but there is a stretchy area at the rear like many other brands. The brief fits really well and feels very noticable because of the thick plastic and the extra padding. This is not a diaper/nappy you would forget you are wearing! It is quieter than the old depend fitted briefs but you certainly wouldn't call it silent.
    After a couple of good wettings the nappy/diaper has held it perfectly and the padding hasn't shifted or bunched like depends usually do.

    I have to say that I am very impressed by this new design and I will definately be buying more considering their price. I'm not sure how widely available these are, but I'd love to here what others think, especially those who have tried the super plus.

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    I've never heard of these until now! I may have to check them out if there are more positive reviews. Obviously, I am quite weary of paying that much for Depends.

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    Thanks nappies4fun have add sites to Favorities. How's the heat? Only 32 C here!
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    you are so lucky.........our depends suck here in happy for you guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnyABinAUS View Post
    Thanks nappies4fun have add sites to Favorities. How's the heat? Only 32 C here!
    No worries. It's a lovely day here today! Yesterday however, I was slowly baking (44 C). Not fun!

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    Interesting to see that they have 3 kinds of diaper in Australia.

    In US/Canada there's only 1 diaper, then pull-ups, and adjustable underwear.

    Strange how even diapers are released differently because of different "markets"

    I'd figure if you need diapers you just want the best, no matter where in the world you live.

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    Having been to a few other countries, I always have to check out the diapers available in the standard markets. I have yet to be disapointed, except with what we can get here (USA). /sigh

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