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Thread: Stories about diaper girls

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    Question Stories about diaper girls

    I find it really hard to find good diaper stories about a girl abdl. If anyone knows of any good ones out there could you please let me know. I guess I like these types of stories cause I can imagine myself as the girl in the story. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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    Well first off go to the Greetings / Introductions forum and introduce yourself.

    Secondly Stories in Progress and Finished Stories is what you want to find stories of diapered girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post
    You won't find any here, they're all about 12 year old boys being forced back into diapers. Fairly deekerish, actually...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post
    Trip to Hawaii, Kaylen's Damp Days, Babystar...

    Cool he he :happy:

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post
    Not cool! Diaper boy stories always go the same way.

    "I don't wanna wear diapers."

    "Ok, I will."

    "Now I'll masturbate."

    "Now I like diapers."

    That's my life, in short version thou

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    There are a few in our stories section. One I found interesting was "Lies My Parents Told Me [Second Star to the Right]".

    And even though some of the stories may be somewhat deekerish we still have something the deekarians rarely ever have. Proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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