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Thread: Infairness to newbies: feel victimized?

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    Default Infairness to newbies: feel victimized?

    This applies not only to newbies of course...

    But there seems to be a bit of a rash of people feeling unfairly treated: if you have such a story ESPECIALLY IF IT HAPPENED SOON AFTER YOU REGISTERED please describe what happened.

    Maybe you are a veteran poster elsewhere and what you assumed was standard behaviour throughout the internet got you told off or ignored; perhaps (and this would make it worse) you were told off without being told what was wrong with whatever you did. Perhaps the offending action made no sense to you: such as being flamed over a username you saw nothing wrong with, especially when other members make the same (supposed) error with no comebacks.

    Maybe you see some memes used and approved of [lolcats, say] but got told off for using some other seemingly harmless and funny meme, without being told which are considered good and which are bad, or even why we might disallowr ANY meme.

    Or you made a little trifling misstep, and you understand that, but did not deserve so many negrep or 55 posts all following your post and yelling about it.

    Or some people get away with murder but you get stomped on for essentially the same thing they did.

    Or early on you collected a high negrep count, and have been a good and faithful poster for many months but those -5 hanging around your neck just won't go away... and nobody seems to want to +rep you no matter what you do...
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    If you're a newbie, and you feel like you've been treated badly by a member, report their post, using the red triangle button on their posts.

    That way, the mods will see it, and we can take action.

    Posting about it in public is a bad idea, as the person being discussed will inevitably read your post, and drama will result.
    Drama is bad, so we ask that complaints be taken to the request forum, so that they can be resolved without drama.

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