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Thread: Do you buy your clothes from the kids' section?

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    Default Do you buy your clothes from the kids' section?

    I doubt any of you could fit toddler and infant clothing. I am guessing a good number of you could fit into kids' clothing as a lot of them are not even small in my opinion.

    I'm 22 and still often buy clothes from the kids' section. I love gap kids and justice (formerly limited too). Recently I bought a gap kids warmest jacket for $25 and change and a puffer coat from from justice for around $15. I also love head-to-toe outfits but don't overdo them. A lot of stuff (esp mini skirts) from gap kids and justice still look great on women in their 20s. Not to mention that I can get them for a fraction of the price of adult ones.

    I'm 5'4.5'' and 110lbs, most girls size 16, sometimes even 14 fit me well.
    I mainly shop for kids clothes at gap, justice, old navy, lands end and mini boden.

    Do you buy your clothes from the kids' section? and where if you do?

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    I'm a pretty broad-shouldered, yet slender guy, but yes - once and a while I will grab a Junkfood T from GapKids. The XXL (14/16) will fit me if it's a short sleeve, but even then it's like a cap-sleeve on me. Haha!

    Last evening I bought the very last spaceship sleeper from Target in the boys' department. It was an XL (16/18) and it fits me pretty well, even in the sleeves. The only issue I have with it is that I wear a size 11 shoe and my feet felt very crammed in my new sleeper's feet. Oh well, the sacrifices we make to have fun!

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    Most of my clothes are for 14 yr olds, and I have yet to find Men's shoes in my size, 5.5, so yes a lot of my clothes come from the kid's section.

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    My ex-gf was small and would often buy kids' clothes - I was soooo jealous! I'm slim enough but too tall (and girls can get away with more cutesy stuff than boys).

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    In the UK at least it's the VAT exemption that's appealing for many, so it's actually quite common. A 17.5% discount is certainly not to be sniffed at!

    Anyway, often many ranges are pretty much the same. I can see why many would, but alas I have outgrown those days. My dads partner, at 4ft 11 (and a half(!), which she holds on very dearly to) often buys kids clothing, simply because it's basically the same at a lower price.

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    No, because my fat butt can't fit in them.

    However, I do go to the mens section in some stores and buy novelty t-shirts with nostalgia on them. Marvel superheroes, Transformers, etc.; still kind of babyish to wear around.

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    I haven't been able to fit into kids clothes since I was 14, hell I have trouble finding adult clothes that fit :X

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    and girls can get away with more cutesy stuff than boys).
    Haha yes we can.

    I buy alot of my clothing from the children's section. I wear a size 10. In fact Friday night we were over at a friends house, and my friend bet me I could fit into 6T clothes. It fit, but was too short :p As for shoes, I *have* to buy them from the children's section. I once went to Journeys to but some shoes I wanted.... they sent me next door to Journeys for kids. I also have to get alot of my pants hemmed since I like to get my pants from Pacsun.

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    I'm Waaaay older than most here, and I still buy most my cloths in the boys department, 5'4" 105 lbs.

    I like being small, afterall I have no choice or chance of growing at my age....LOL

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