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Thread: will it fit?

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    Default will it fit?

    Goodnites L/XL boys:

    I am about 115 lb, i am male 15 year old and i have about a 30" waist, and a bit over 5 and 1/2 feet tall? i have a very skinny tallish frame

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    It will definantly fit....I am 18 yrs old 5"11 with a 32" waist and they fit me fine

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    They should fit you fine, you actually fall into the weight range for them that is 85-125 lbs. I have worn the l/xl size with a 34 waist and they fit ok. Go ahead and try them out.

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    you think they'll fully cover me? and how high will they go up on my waist?

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    Imm 100% confident they will cover u....I am wearing them rite now with no problem

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    Absolutely, your actually within range the are designed for.

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    What about underjams??? you think they would fit me?
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    The listed weight size for the largest Underjams is lower than that of Goodnites, but considering they're manufactured to be competitive with each other the L/XL size of Undrerjams should fit you as well.

    As to which one to get? I would say get a smaller pack of both and then decide which one you like best.

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    I read this: Pampers UnderJams: Size Does Matter |

    And I am skinny so I am not worried about the sides, but I am wondering how big goodnites and underjams how high they go if I am tall. will they be too "short"?

    and How risky is getting Underjams sample in the mail?

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