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Thread: Finally!

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    Default Finally!

    So, here I am. on one of those "diaper sites" I have anonymously lurked on since the age of eleven (that's six years...holy balls...) and now I've made an account. I've been obsessed with diapers literally since I was three and freshly living out of diapers. A friend of mine, who was once forcibly put into diapers by his father when no clean underwear was available (it sounds weird to me too; but we were 5 and he never elaborated) and I both spoke often about wearing diapers, and would often go digging in his closet to find some; it was one of our most common pastimes. He has since claimed to be no longer interested - but the fascination never left me. At the age of eleven (5th grade) I got my own personal PC finally and, getting to...that age....when...things begin to stir....was googling various things which pleased me ....."diapers" was one of the first on the list! When I found out others were like me, I was shocked. I've just kind of been 110% introverted about it until now, when I was curious about contact with other diaper loving denizens of the internet!

    phew! wall of text there

    thanks for reading guys!!

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    Well, welcome to ADISC, etc., and hope you enjoy your stay

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    Hi Hoopy, we are glad you finally stopped lurking and introduced yourself. At least you had a friend growing up who you could talk about diapers with. Most of us had no one and believed we were completly alone. Hope you make friends here. By the way, do you get the chance to wear diapers ever? I imagine you still live at home and your parents don't know.

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    Hello Hoopy. Croeso (means Welcome in Welsh, ye olde Celtic language) Hope you have lots of fun and make lots of new and understanding friends.

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    the only time i get to wear actual diapers is if by odd chance I come across a terribly undersized one laying about (unused obviously) at my house, as my mother sometimes will watch her friends babies for an afternoon. Otherwise, I've made makeshift diapers from towels and plastic bags, which actually hold alot and are super awesome

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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any hobbies or interests? Hope you enjoy it here and our supportive community! Peace and Love

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    I love death metal, Cannibal Corpse is my favorite band. I've been into metal all my life (how contradictory!). I play guitar, which is my main pastime. I AM a WoW player, I've got two level 80's, but I'm not super-absorbed in it. I love to cook, hang out, and smoke the reefer. I love animals too! hehe.

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    Hi Hoopy!

    Welcome! You sound just the way I was secretly thinking when I was your age. I'm glad you discovered these kind of sites early on, probably safed you from thinking you're a freak. Why did it take you so long to finally register? Glad you did, though! Do your parents suspect anything (like, parents ever used you PC and wondered about sites you visited)?

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    Hey there Hoopy wellcomes to the site glad to hear you got here in the end lol

    wait to you try a proper diaper that fits mate

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