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Thread: Hey Everyone

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    Red face Hey Everyone

    I am a new old user. I was on a while back formally known as baby_mike_luvr well I had to leave for personal issues that was about a year ago. Well now I am back to observe. I find TB/AB/DL/IC is very interesting and it might be something I am into. I was exploring the idea for a while I found myself very comfortable wearing Diapers. My boyfriend showed me this. He was nervous to tell me he liked to be babied but me being a very observant person I knew this was from his heart so I stopped and thought was it all that bad couldn't I just see what this is all about. Needless to say I was going to throw away our relationship on something stupid as a different interest. So I gave it a shot. This pleased him but it freaked me out how I enjoyed it. So he asked me if I would wear one I was very nervous but I gave in. Come to find out I like it. Thats how my interests started. So I have been reading up on it and trying to find out why I enjoy it so much. All your guys support was helping. So your support now would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    well my baby girl, Welcome back to the site.

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    Why not use your old account? You aren't allowed to have two accounts and you have a reputation and post count on the other one.


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    I requested that they did because I knew I wouldn't be on for a long time I don't have information anymore. Before I signed off my final time I said goodbye to everyone I asked them to shut the account down. I don't know why its still up because I tried the next day using the info and I couldn't sign on anymore.

    If you could bring that to their attention that would be nice.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope ya enjoy it here and our supportive community! Peace and Love

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    Welcome back, hopefully you won't have to take another leave of absence.

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    Areha I plan not to. Life sometimes gets in the way though and I won't be marked as a lurker. Thanks everyone for the support.

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    Welcome back to adisc, if you need anything at all in terms of finding your self in this crazy world i am just like a lot of others on here just a PM away, enjoy your time spent here in the community

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