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Thread: Disposing of Used Diapers

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    Default Disposing of Used Diapers

    Well I need to do this better becuse I have them hidden in my room and i don't know how to get them out. I can't do this till they actualy leave the house. So then i can despose of them in the trash outside by burring it with the other trash bags. But enough about me, how do you guys despose of your used diapers? Where are they keept in the mean time before you can throw them away? How long are they there?? For me its kind of hard so I don't end up using too many diapers at once. O and if you ever want to make sure the room dosent smell, use frezer ziplock bags to keep them from smelling. I am now also trashbaging each bag.
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    I shoot them with my garbage destroyer lazer eyes.

    Doesn't everyone...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post
    I shoot them with my garbage destroyer lazer eyes.

    Doesn't everyone...?

    Hell i wish i had that ability. It would make my life easyer.

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    I dump them in an open dumpster near a school, being careful to do it so I don't get caught

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    I have two plans, so I'm prepared for all eventualities:

    A. Each diaper is wrapped in a plastic bag tightly and I burry it in my workshop trash can. I don't wait more than 2 days, at the MOST 3 days before emptying the can. If my parents ask what's in the bag, I say it's my workshop trash.

    B. I follow the plan A. as usual, but instead I clean my cat's litter and put the dirty litter in the same bag as the diaper. This time if my parents ask, it's cat's litter.

    I took several weeks to build this disposal system, but I seriously think it is 99% flawless. See what you have around and build your own. The tip is to mix your diapers with the rest of your trash. You just have to spot which trash can you empty yourself and when.

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    If you have to burn your trash that could be a problem. What will you do if the diapers don't burn because they are wet?

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    Again, my suggestion for this sort of issue is always simple - Get a Trash can, or trash bag - stick the used ones in there, but before closing the used diapers, add about a tablespoon(More as needed) of baking soda(Easy to keep in your room) across the soiled areas, ball it up, throw it in the bag(Can usually fit 3-5 in a bag), seal the bag, dispose of it within a week and you're fine

    As far as disposing of them, get an empty trash bag(From the kitchen trash etc...), throw the plastic bag the diapers were in into it, tie it off, throw it in the normal garbage, and take it to the curb/bin yourself ASAP.

    Hope I helped, Good Luck!

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    I store them near in my stash well rapped, yeah, I know if they leaked they could destroy part of my stash, but thats sorta the idea, the stash is a safe guard... then late (maybe you could say early) on garbage night, I quickly run down to the curb and leave a gift for the garbage men and women, just hope they don't open it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post
    I shoot them with my garbage destroyer lazer eyes.

    Doesn't everyone...?
    I don't. I put them in my black hole rematerializer machine (version 1952-3) which compresses it so much that it turns into dark matter. I then take it out and form it into something more useful as it decompresses.

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