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Thread: Leaking from the top..

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    Default Leaking from the top..

    Hello everybody,

    Does anybody else have problems leaking from the top of their diapers?

    It doesn't matter what position I lay/stand/sit in, I always end up leaking from the top of the diaper. It doesn't matter what diaper either, Molicare Super Plus, Abena X-Plus or Tena Slip Maxi..

    I'm confuzzled, I point my thing down so it should be filling the back of my diaper, no?!?

    A very confused RedApple :P

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    I sometimes have this problem if i wet too fast, It seems like the diaper can't soak the pee to the back fast enough so it comes out the top. I would suggest making sure the diaper is nice and tight and wetting slower.

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    Let me try to understand here ..
    Even if you stand up it leaks out of the top? Even if it's pointing down?! Holy moly that's some intense urinary pressure! Maybe going a bit slower like jayschares has suggested would help.

    I sometimes will leak out of the top if I'm laying in bed and my member shifts around to point upwards. That's about it though; I tend to keep my diapers nice and snug.

    Good luck!

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    I don't pee all that fast, it doesn't come out the top instantly either :P

    If I'm standing up and pee, maybe 30 minutes later it will leak from the top and the back will be almost dry.

    It's confusing :s

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    Do you have the top of the diaper folded down so that it's hidden under your clothes? If this is the case, the absorbant part might be coming into contact with your clothes and then it just soaks across getting your clothes wet as well.

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    For me it helps (and fixes the problem) of folding the front top of the diaper down to the inside. Depending which diaper, only the part where there is not padding anymore, or even a bit of the padding.

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    I guess you pee out your belly button.

    Thats cool.

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    Maybe you need to add a doubler to increase absorbency? I do this quite often and it helps prevent leaks. Makes it all a bit more bulky though...

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    Just lay down on your back when you go. That's how wetness gets to the back. It's good ole gravity at work there


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    I'd try ensuring there's a bit of room in the crotch, meaning that urine isn't forced right up, and as others have said taking it a bit slower.

    I do think you should be congratulated for such amazing urinary pressure! Well done!

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