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Thread: Jumpin Jammerz. Footed sleeper review.

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    Default Jumpin Jammerz. Footed sleeper review.

    As promised, another review, this time of my Jumpin jammerz (Jumpin Jammerz - One piece footed pajamas for adults pre teens, and teenagers) which came on Monday. Got the chance to wear one to bed last night . I got 2 different ones, one with starz (seems appropriate for a sleeper :P), and a mushroom patterned one, which was on clearance . Again I've spoilered the pictures so it looks tidier. Also I will be comparing this directly with my All In One company Sleeper (All in one sleepsuits by the all in one company)

    The Good
    The website has a large choice of designs and materials. Both of mine are polar fleece ones, with the starz design being slightly thicker, about as thick as the all in one. The mushroom one is thinner, but it is also a discontinued product and probably from an old batch. I wish I had been a little bit smarter and gone for one of the lighter materials, these are great in winter but come summer time I will be roasting :P. The designs are pretty cool, and they do have a few childish ones (still no teddy ones!!!!) for example the duckies one. I went for the starz one because I love the look of it and the dark blue. The mushroom one is probably the more childish of the two, the cartoon look of the shrooms really adding to it, and again the lighter blue is a great colour .

    These seem pretty well made apart from a couple of small faults, which I put down to them being mass produced (well compared to the made to order ones from all in one company). I love the way the zippers go down past the crotch and almost to the knee of the left leg, which seems a bit more childish (the All in one company does a full length one now :X). And the way the zipper is covered with a flap of material, a gripe I had with the all in ones.

    Another difference to the All in ones is the lack of elastic cuffs on the wrist opening and round the ankles, a better choice in my opinion, again it makes it look more like a children's sleeper. Also the lack of a seam up the back is great, you can feel it on the all in one, and it can be a little irritating. The fit is a little smaller then my All in one, but it still fits great with plenty of room so you don't get strangled when moving about in your sleep. Lastly there's the price these are a lot cheaper then the all in one company. Mine came to 87.79 including shipping ($40). That's 10 more then the other company, but with an extra sleeper (ok it was on clearance but still), and shipping from the states. And they ship quickly as well. I ordered mine on the 26th of December and it arrived on the 4th of January which was great considering new years being in the way. This was about as quick as the all in one company who take a week or so to make the sleeper for you.

    The Bad
    As mentioned above the quality isn't quite as good as the all in one company. But they are cheaper, and the materials used are the same. One thing I did notice when I woke up this morning was a small hole where the zipper meets the material.

    I can repair it but it's annoying all the same. There's also little bits of loose thread on the inside of them. Not a major issue that shouldn't put you off.
    Another issue is with the feet, they're just a little bit too small. I can fit my feet in fine but I can feel the seams which is a bit of an annoyance. The all in one company's sleeper have massive feet, in terms of width and general roominess, these seem to be at the limit for my size 12's. Also no grippy stuff on the bottom, might not be an issue for some, just watch out for those polished floors.

    Lastly, and it is a small point, is the lack of customisability on the site. All in one company allows you to choose all sorts of added extras, hoods, feet or no feet (stupid question), mittens, pockets, drop seat. Plus you can choose up to six separate colours/designs on one sleeper. But then if you like a pattern on jumpin jammerz then who cares about the extras :P.

    So to round up. They are great, and very good value for money, as long as you can find a good design you like. I would choose these over the all in one company, because they are only a little worse in terms of quality, but a lot cheaper in terms of price.

    Feel free to add your thoughts on these, since I know they are popular amongst us big kids .

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    I like mine from them but I had two small holes pop up within the first 6 months. I e-mailed them and they now have the sleepers constructed better. I got the holes patched for free since my dad's friend likes sowing and stuff and you can't tell they ever had a problem.

    That said here's a pic of mine.

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    Near the crotch of mine, the zipper is tearing away from the rest of the material. I tried sewing it on there, but I've never sewn before, so I ended up just undoing that and just dealing with it. I also agree with the seams in the feet, although I've grown used to them. You can get some with feet with grips, although I believe the pattern selection is limited (or maybe they've changed it since I've looked).

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    If you buying sleepers right to your size you will get those stress openings, oversize and you will have a longer lasting more comfortable sleeper.

    I went thru this for years when all I could find were sleepers that fit tight, after wearing an oversized well made sleeper you will see the difference, alterations on sleepers dose not take too much sewing experince.

    If you want a really sturdy sleeper turn it inside out and resew all the seems, again you need to oversize to have this option.

    I actully used a sleeper I resewed as a bondage suspension outfit years ago, it was alot of fun if your into self bondage.

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    i wouldn't mind buying one of these as their definitely cheaper than the all in one company (but not as awesome!)
    i'll save up and get these before getting a all in one

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    Near the crotch of mine, the zipper is tearing away from the rest of the material.
    Like the zipper can run off the end? I'm not sure what the issue is. The stitch on the nylon of the zipper or whatever can sometimes wear down, but as far as I know unless the whole deal is unraveling you should be ok. Holes are another issue but I don't see it in the picture. Did it actually come loose there or what?

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    The feet are perfect on me, just a little long, but I suppose that's because I'm a girl. ;D

    I have a Target boys sleeper too, and the feet are gargantuan. So I love the Jumpin Jammerz feet.

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    I have Jumpin Jammerz also, and for something made in Canada it is surprisingly fragile.

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    The firetruck ones look absolutely adorable. I think I will consider adding them to my collection ...

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