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Thread: The All In One company. Footed sleeper review

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    Post The All In One company. Footed sleeper review

    Ok this is a repost (plus edited) from daily diapers of my review of The All In One company's (All in one sleepsuits by the all in one company) footed sleeper. They're a simular company to Jumpin jammerz (Jumpin Jammerz - One piece footed pajamas for adults pre teens, and teenagers) except a little more expensive, and they are UK based. I'm reposting it here because A) More reviews are always good , and B) I'll be reviewing jumpin jammerz in the next couple of hours and will be comparing them directly with these :P. Also I spoilered the pics because well its just tidier.

    The Good

    The website has a wide range of choices from the design, material and fit of the sleeper, plus added extras like pockets, slippers/booties attached, mittens, even hoods , you can customise these to a pretty high degree. I went for a fleece one with trucks and diggers as the main design, and with black arms and feet to break it up a little. The material is really comfy and warm, maybe a bit too warm for a central heated house, I ended up sleeping on top of the covers last night :P .
    I think the design is cute, and am quite surprised at how big the pictures of the trucks and diggers are.

    Its just a shame they don't have any teddy bear materials :P .
    The delivery time took a week which was great considering it was made to order, and came in a standard gray bag.
    The fit is also very nice and lose, and being of a... larger persuasion I can fit in with plenty of room to spare. Might be a bit too lose for someone who's tall and lanky but I'm sure you can email them and ask for the chest size to be made smaller. They also recently started offering drop seats, sadly after I brought mine .

    Also the quality is really good, and feels like it won't fall apart soon. Which is good because:

    The Bad
    These are definitely on the pricey side, mine totaled up at 76.97 including shipping. I think its pretty expensive and only shelled out as a gift for being such an all round great guy.
    Also I don't like the look of the zipper, wish I'd had the choice of colour, because I would of went for a light blue one to match the design instead of black. even just having a bit of material to cover over it would of been a better option.

    On the whole I'm very very happy with the sleeper, and looking at my self wearing it makes me feel very little I think that's mainly due to the super cute, boyish design. Its also very snuggly on a cold night .


    All in one sleepsuits by the all in one company

    Edit: Also they do ship to the states, unsure on the cost of that through :X.
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    Oh wow. Thanks for the in depth review. They look pretty cool though, stay warm!

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    Nice review, and it looks great.
    Only a little expensive.

    BTW: I can't find the pattern you used, can you tell which one is it?

    Adn they dont have my foot size, i'm a 12 1/2 UK size, 13 USA size, 48 EU size,
    'but they only go to 12 UK size
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    well I'm a size 12 uk size, and well they are a bit bigger then they say. 12 1/2 will definitely fit. Not so with jumpin jammerz through.
    And sadly it looks like they discontinued the pattern I used .

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    Question: You mentioned the packaging is a gray bag, which I'm assuming is opaque. Does the shipping label give any clue as to what is in the package?

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    Quite frankly I can't remeber, I got these in september so the packaging is long gone. As I recall (and this is hazy) it did say the all in one company on it, and it feels like clothes. Depends on how much of a clue you think that is :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    Quite frankly I can't remeber, I got these in september so the packaging is long gone. As I recall (and this is hazy) it did say the all in one company on it, and it feels like clothes. Depends on how much of a clue you think that is :P.

    Well it would be obvious the package would be some sort of clothing, but one of my main concerns when ordering would be the return address giving away the company. If it's "All in One" or something similar on the return label, I'd say that's fairly discreet, but if it mentioned footed pajamas on the label, well that would be something I'd want to avoid.

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    I'm pretty sure they don't mention footed pajamas on the label. You could always email them and ask, they're pretty friendly . But not abdl aware as far as I know.

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    are those the attached feet or is that a pair of slippers or something? It doesn't seem to match, I think it matches the other pattern you chose but the lighting just makes it seem awkward in the picture. It is pretty cool I think, for me they don't have my size. I need a few shoe sizes larger than they offer .

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