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Thread: Moral question.. I don't know where to put this.

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    Default Moral question.. I don't know where to put this.

    Well.. I sent my (older) laptop into HP.. I haven't used the computer in almost a year and it's been sitting around in a closet.. So I went ahead and cleaned out some stuff and I came across the laptop.. Well, the main issue here was that I discovered the graphics were artifacting pretty badly ( the computer is 2 1/2 years old.. and at the time I purchased, I bought an extended service plan ) as the computer was to be used for my classes I was taking.. well.. to make a long story short, PC was still under warranty, I sent it in for service, turns out they did not have the parts ( Nvidia 8400M and Thermal materials ) for the computer, so they "captured" the laptop..I was called by a Quality Case Manager.. Told me they'd be sending me a computer with comparable specs ( Which I assumed would be AMD Turion x2, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP Professional )..... And they sent me a new laptop which is an HP Pavillion DV7 Entertainment Notebook (Quad Edition) with an ATI Radeon 4600 series and 8GB of RAM..

    I don't know what I should do at this point. Do I need to call them back ( I deal with them at work EVERY day for customers ) and request my old computer back ( Which at the time of purchase, I paid less than $700 for.. and get HP their "replacement" back? WHY would they send me this computer which I assume is worth almost $2,000 dollars to replace my old dusty bastard of a computer??? HELP!!! This is reaaally messing with me!!! I need advise now because I do not feel right about this I feel like I cheated HP

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    Just call them up and confirm you got the right one. If they say yes then keep it.

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    They tell me all they know is that they shipped a computer of "Comparable" specs... I'm really being driven up the wall by this.. Its not right... I mean this thing blows my desktop out of the water

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    Publicity and customer image is everything. Sending something better makes their customers happy their equipment broke. This isn't some small mom and pop shop that'll suffer from the mistake, it's HP. I say just keep it, when life give you lemons, clone those lemons to make super lemons.

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    Maybe your right-- It is kind crazy though you have to admit.. Man this thing is a BEAST!

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    Looks like their 'comparable specs' were in the form of a pricetag. This is also a way to keep your business in the long run. If you were pleased with their business now, you will buy from them later on. Today it is a proven strategy that is sorely underused. Do what everyone else said, and keep it. Why waste the opportunity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmahtherebel View Post
    WHY would they send me this computer which I assume is worth almost $2,000 dollars to replace my old dusty bastard of a computer??? HELP!!! This is reaaally messing with me!!! I need advise now because I do not feel right about this I feel like I cheated HP
    They did it (assuming it wasn't a mistake) to provide quality customer service.

    This is your path: send them a nice letter (a real one, on paper and all) saying that you were delighted at the ease, speed, and service you received. Go on to say that you were pleased that they made good on their warranty, and close by expressing hope that you will continue your business relationship.

    Address this letter to the Customer Service VP/Director.

    If you feel you have cheated them, make your payment in the form of this letter. Do it anyway, but you'll find it'll make you feel better.

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    Default My opinion

    You asked this question because from a moral standpoint you feel like a mistake was made on their part and they "may" have sent you a more expensive computer by comparison to the you sent in for being from a moralstand point you have one duty and this is coming from a person who hates corporate america and feels like they stick it to the american people any chance they can get and by deffinition they live to their "god" the allmighty dollar so again your one duty is to call email or send a letter to hp explaining that you want to make sure they hadn't made a mistake...chances are likely they haven't that they are making "pigs fly" by being good a good corporate citizen and treating you the consumer with a little respect and concern...what's more likely is that a 2 year old computer they built stopped working and instead of looking bad and losing your further bussiness(you may be one person but you are college age and part of their key market demographic) they decided to pony up a little do your moral duty and make sure its not a mistake but if they tell you its not you are off the hook and you can enjoy your laptop with out feeling the way my older model blackberry( 7520) has started doing wierd things when I call voicemail...its happened several times and each time I call it its never fixed and eventually resolved on its own...I call today and was offered a brandnew bb curve 8350i which I accepted...they could have offered to have my dinosaur old blackberry repaired at their repair center and saved a "few dimes" but I was a little agitated and I think the rep picked up on it...I never asked for a new phone but was obviously pleased they were offering to send me a new make a long story shorter...they didn't have to send me a blackberry worth 10 times what my phone is worth but from a marketing standpoint its genious... I try the new blackberry...I get hooked I remain a customer...I don't feel bad one bit...

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    If you really feel uncomfortable, you could sell the beastly laptop, buy a cheaper one (as you say you'll only need it for school work), and then donate the profits to charity/use the profits for tuition/books/etc. Personally, after making sure they sent the right one, which you've done, I'd be happy and keep it. I mean, it's not your fault they sent you a vastly superior computer, and since they don't seem to want it back, there's not much you can do about.

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    You did nothing wrong, the closest comparable specs they have is the one they gave you. It is probably worth $650 to them despite retail value. You are ok, trust me, I used to work for HP, they do that alot to keep customers happy.

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