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    I see ads for this on all sorts of *b/dl related websites. It's exactly what it sounds like, you call, and it's like phone-ageplay. So my question is has anybody tried it? What do you guys think about it? To me it honestly seems like a waste of time from which I wouldn't gather any enjoyment from. Same goes for, like, phone-sex too though. Don't get me wrong, I have thought about it, and I am not saying I frown upon you guys out there that would like this either.


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    Complete waste of time and money if you ask me, i don't see the fulfillment in having someone pretend to "baby" you over a phone... kinda defeats the purpose, and you have to pay ... thats just wrong

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    Its really expensive, and they make you pay at least 10 dollars just to call. Like, that's the minimum. My friend Annie called... as a joke, and said it was like, the stupidest thing ever.

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    There are stupider things I blew my money on... like sparklers, lots of sparklers, and not those gold ones either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Entity' View Post
    There are stupider things I blew my money on... like sparklers, lots of sparklers, and not those gold ones either. No one knows how glass got embedded into the steel support of that machine shed...
    Lol, that was offtopic.

    Personally, I've never tried it, I'm too young.

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    I've never paid for one of those wierd ads, I'm not even old enough to do so, but anyways, phone sex sucks in general, as I'd take my imagination over a random voice who doesn't know me if it was a question of getting the most pleasure out of it. I've always considered it to be just reserved for those people with poor sexual imaginations.

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    Sounds to me like AB Phone sex really...I'd rather take a hot poker up my ass than have to pay to talk to some lady who doesn't even know me about some really weird stuff...

    I find it kind of weird that there must actually be people calling, as they have enough cash to pay for so many ads...

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    What's the point of having a mommy if there is no real emotional connection whatsoever?

    I'm just saying.....

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    Never done that before, and won't I have better things to spend my money on.


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