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    Question back leakage

    pretty sure this is where it should be. I've been uhming and ahhing about posting this as it may be nothing but its got me a little concerned lately.

    Recently, like the last 3 months or so Ive been waking up to something I'd rather not, first of all I am gay so that does have its implications, but I've had a lot of trouble with overnight anal seepage. It's been happening whether or not I visit the loo before bed and as expected is worse if I don't, but I don't want to do any damage forcing it.

    Only reason I'm posting now is because its started to happen more often during the day too, it's not a lot but its noticeably..fluid is the only word I can think of.

    I'm actually holding off a doctors visit unless its absolutely necessary as I really really don't like doctors surgeries or hospitals

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    anal seepage...what a funny word

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    just a clinical way of saying: "oh shiz!! mah ass leaks!!!" :O

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    Well, I get the feeling you and Kaworuchan might have much to discuss:

    Wish I could help you with it, but I would advise seeing a doctor.

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    I am really sorry to hear this is a problem you're having Colfpup, i really do not know what could cause this because i don't have experience in the area but my instincts tell me that when ever anything out of the ordinary like this happens with your body, your best bet is to go to the doctor and have them check you out, it would really suck if anything turned out to be seriously wrong but peace of mind can be just as pivotal to recovery as anything else.

    I hope everything is okay soon and your bum bum quits it =\

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    Quote Originally Posted by spddan View Post
    Well, I get the feeling you and Kaworuchan might have much to discuss:

    Wish I could help you with it, but I would advise seeing a doctor.
    thanks, I'll go have a quick read, been a while since I've messed with any toys, not for a few months bar once but that wasn't propper use as it wouldn't even go in so its not that.

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    Ooouch! To what's in that spoiler colfpup. I hope you didn't work too hard on it to see if it would, as that could have been cause for some problems there. I can't say I've had the leakage problems, which sound just awful

    Definitely see the doc. I'm interested to see what this is because it's nothing I found when I tried to Google search it. I haven't had the seepage problem back there, but I did have a pilonidal cyst form on my tailbone about a month ago. Man was that a blast, lol. How I hate it when the butt hurts. It's in such a critical location. You need it for sitting, walking, most things actually. Hard not to 'favor your butt' when you're shifting your weight .

    Hope this clears up man. Let us know.

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    If you're talking about right after anal sex, well yeah. But if your talking about hours after anal sex, then no, it shouldn't be happening. My concern would be an infection up there. I suppose that could cause leakage.

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    Unfortunately this is another one of those conditions which is really hard to come up with a complete diagnosis over the internet, there are a number of different possibilities, and the only real way to get it evaluated properly is to see a physician (sorry). As dogboy indicated, it is important to consider its relationship to either anal sex or insertion of any other objects as there is the potential for that to cause problems, however, it is impossible for any of us online to accurately be able to rule in or out the other, possibly more serious, conditions which could be causing similar symptoms. You mentioned the difference noted if depending on your voiding habits before bed, you should also try to determine if you have anything similar happen during the day, or if the symptoms are purely at night, and, in addition, if you have any other changes with your stool (frequency, consistency, urgency, etc) and if there are any other things which are associated with either improving or worsening symptoms.

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    Red face

    I have experienced anal leakage day and night intermittently for many years. For me it is mucous that lines the colon that is periodically sluffed off. Its spontaneous and sometimes contains fecal matter. Its quite slippery and it smells pretty bad. Like others I recommend you see your doctor.

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