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Thread: Diapers welcome !

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    Default Diapers welcome !

    Hey I'm new so as my first new post I'd like to get some recommendations. I'm going to order some Diapers and I like to explore new options.

    Depends Overnight Briefs - Not a fan


    Goodnites - eh.

    (These are the only ones I've tried)

    LET ME KNOW!!!!

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    Welcom to adisc. Im sure you will injoy posting stuff here. I look forward to seeing your opinions.

    And depends maxamum absorbansy is a good diaper to try.

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    Welcome to ADISC !!! you should try Molicare IMO =).

    So what else are you into besides the absorbent underwear thing ?[/FONT]

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    I'm a big movie goer. I mean all movies. I went to school in NYC - lived there for 4 years, what about you?

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    Im a really big movie goer too =) I love seeing films all films, its all a great expression of human creativity. You were in school in the city? which one, what did ya study, did you like the city and would you ever think about visiting or is it not for you >?

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    Send me a private message...I wanted to send you one but I don't qualify yet!!!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy this site and its helpful and supportive community! Peace and Love

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