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Thread: Cataclysmic Events

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    Arrow Cataclysmic Events

    Good things, bad things, bewildering things, and unexplainable things. I've noticed how certain milestones have come and gone by in my *b/dl life that have had significant effects on how i carry my self in the lifestyle. Times where i have almost promised my self i would never wear again, other times when i felt it dear to my heart to swear i would never be separated for any period of time again, and other such events that have had such an affect i wouldn't be who i am today.

    I guess these things happen and they are normal to life, or maybe they are not and im from Mars either way id really like to hear about what has either shook your foundations, rocked your worlds and whatever else has significantly occurred to you which resulted in any sort of major decisions or revelations in regards to diapers.

    This might sound extremely vague and general so ill start with something that happened to me not to long ago.

    Going for a "trip" in diapers, no i do not mean traveling from point A on map to point B, im referring to the ingestion of certain food poisons and having your frame of mind making a long distance trip to a new unvisited part of your psyche. Well all in all it was an amazing trip, but coincidental things kept happening which were really getting to me and making me skeptical on life's whole "random-ness" bit. I kept seeing signs that seemed to be saying hold on to your youth, treasure your capacity to remain young, and enjoy every second you have while able-bodied. This just bolstered my mood and general time and left me peaking with high confidence.

    I found most of my trip well spent in the company of dear friends who were also tripping and the world was at peace, we were all having the times of our lives and learning a great deal about our selves and each other. Well my diaper thing was one item that would not be up for discovery that day to anyone but myself, and boy did i learn a lot.

    I basically had an out-of body experience where i began to view not my body or surroundings but my general aura, and i saw it growing in strength and becoming warmer some how softer. It was originally a cool wispy color but it sort of formed into a concentrated softer color some what lighter more airy and while this was happening i was suffused with memories i can only imagine i created because they didn't have an authentic feel to them, rather they felt allegorical and retrospective. I wont go into details about them specifically but they filled me with joy and needless to say my fantasies were running rampant. At that moment i began to feel my self wetting profusely and while it felt extremely real, my mind kept telling me none of this is happening, and then i remembered how i made my self "hold-it" for the trip. At which point, in the span of a few milliseconds, i hyper-panicked thinking i just peed my self while tripping in front of friends, of course i was smiling my head off a few seconds later after i realized everything was in fact okay.

    All during the trip i would constantly feel my legs were wet and i would hallucinate that there were puddles forming out of my pants but of course every time i blinked back i would see a well hidden padded bottom and smiles on my friends faces. The feeling of one-ness i had with diapers grew and stuck with me ever since that trip and i have become a lot more comfortable and kinda reckless with them in the time since.

    (This is what i mean by something that kinda changed the rules about diapers for me.)

    So thats mine, it was all in all something that i believe furthered my relationship with diapers, there have been times of just the opposite, but ill wait to see if anyone even reads this thread to get into that.

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    ... Interesting story.

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    I think that is a general reaction to that certian "food". I've never had anything so profound but have had the "Am I wetting my self?". And so have non-AB friends, I think it just makes you sweat more so you feel more "moist".
    I've never really had anything like that happend on the few occasions I've imbued certian substances, I usually just chat the most random stuff in the world, and make my self cry with laughter with the sillyness of what I'm saying/thoughts running through my head.

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    Yeah that was what most of it was like, but like i said there was a long moment where silly-ness kinda went out of the window and i had an out-of-body experience. And before then i never had the feeling i was peeing on my self, never really sweat over much either, but at the moment i described i full out blasted a stream that i heard clearly, i trusted the substance to confuse the sound to anyone else to imagination.

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    Nicky is totally right BTW, drugs are BAD!

    Only thing is that Psilocybin is a naturally growing fungus, not concentrated or even created by man therefore doesn't fall into the the definition of dangerous "drug" substance for me. its god given and like anything else, can be abused, but in that sense McDonalds is a far worse drug IMHO !

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    Ah...welcome to my Native American heritage. I can remember peeing diapers while high on pot. It seemed like it would never end. It was great. Sex is the same way, not that I'm advocating the use of drugs. Remember Mr. Mackie....(teehee and towlie).

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    Yeah native american heritage is extremely beneficial to life and the mind. I think its horrible what happened to the culture. I try to keep as much of it alive as i can in penance. And certain things that are naturally grown i don't believe qualify as drugs until its processed and adultered by man.

    But has no one else ever had a moment that has really changed their relationship with diapers For better or For worse >??!? i find it hard to believe there isn't, i mean it doesn't have to include any kind of psychedelics, that was just my OP

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    That is quite an interesting story. Open for a lot of different interptretations, i'm sure, if anybody could be bothered to think of a better meaning then you already have

    Could you tell my which kind of fungi you actually used? Not that I want to use it myself, but just for the knowing what does what. I have some frineds who used some, and came out with different kind of trip, so I'm kinda curious what whould make the difference.

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    What do you mean open to different interpretations ? and what do you mean better meaning ... to the thread question ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SquishyTushy View Post
    ...coincidental things kept happening which were really getting to me and making me skeptical on life's whole "random-ness" bit. I kept seeing signs that seemed to be saying hold on to your youth, treasure your capacity to remain young, and enjoy every second you have while able-bodied.
    I know what you mean! I think it's an evolutionary trait we all have - the brain is always trying to find new connections between things, even if there isn't actually a true correlation. This social experiment speaks volumes about the way the brain finds non-existant patterns in random information: Harford's "Logic of Life" on "Rational Racism" | Swords Crossed (it's really interesting, promise!)

    Certain delectibles make the brain work differently and can make it easier to connect abstract ideas or make you more open to the possibilities instead of seeing the world through your normal day-to-day viewpoint. Do you feel more childlike awe and happiness after a mushroomy nibble? I know I do!

    And I also know what you mean about feeling like you're wetting yourself! It's happened to me a few times after accidentally falling on the ground and swallowing a small clump of mud and funghi.

    Once after just inadvertently breathing smoke from a small fire in the herb garden, I had to get my mate to stop the car three times during a ten minute journey cos I thought I was gonna have an accident!

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