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Thread: cubing

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    Default cubing

    No, not cubbing, cubing... as in rubix cubes.

    Who likes it?
    Who can do it?
    What's your personal best?
    What cubes have you got?
    and just talk about it.

    I love it, probably doesn't help that I have a good spacial insight.
    I have a rubix cube, a megaminx and a very odd one I'll post a pic of later (if you know the name PLEASE tell me) and want to buy this set soon: HUGE All Cubes Lot
    Rubix cube: 6m 44s
    Megaminx: not yet timed.
    Other one: not yet timed.

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    Im not that great a rubix, i have done it in the past but it was a project. A friend of mine tried to teach me a pattern for solving it in the least amount of moves but i can never remember it, He is amazing at it though.

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    Layer by layer. Everyone can do it if you just simply study the 7 beginners algorythms that come with that. But the thing is to see what they do. Beginner Solution to the Rubik's Cube

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    I finished it in 15 minutes, once. I can't do anything but the top row anymore.

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    My record for the 3x3 is 2 mins and 34 seconds. I just solved a 4x4 ruibk's cube last night, but I had to look up the info on the parity solutions, as I can't quite visualize what to do with that just yet.

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    About 3 minutes for the 3x3. Ages for the 4x4 ^^

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    Solving a Rubix cute is a bit like working an augmented matrix. My grandfather actually randomized one, then offered me $100 to solve it. I should bust mine out and play with it again. I never had the patience to complete one as a kid. Now, I love riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers. I'm still attempting to solve a puzzle that a co-worker showed me. You have to connect three boxes to three circles without any of the lines touching. Very nerve wrecking. I think its impossible, but somebody said they've seen it done before.

    Can you believe some people do cubes blindfolded? Seriously.

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    Way back when they first actually came out in the 80's, I was able to do it in less than two minutes (I was in jr. high and didn't have a life). I recently bought a new one and it is funny how some of the algorithms come back to you. I haven't tried to do it for time with the new one yet, though.

    It is interesting how the ones now work well right out of the box, whereas the old ones we had to lubricate and "work" to get them to really spin well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falkio View Post
    Can you believe some people do cubes blindfolded? Seriously.
    They dont, they use a camera trick for that.

    Have a dailog about solving it while holding solved cube... *cut*
    Blind fold themselves and then un-solve the cube while blind folded.
    They then play it backwards, and edit the dialog in with the solved cube from before.

    I can solve a 2x2 in about 30 seconds.
    A classic 3x3 in around 10 minutes.

    Past that.. I get stuck.
    I suck at the 4x4. *looks at the one sitting next to him*
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