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Thread: I had a laugh - FURstration

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    Default I had a laugh - FURstration

    EDIT: It's back for now. Don't watch if you take offense too easily though.

    Stumbled upon this.

    Effort didn't go unnoticed and nice choice of music using Requiem for a Dream. I laughed and you should too.
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    It really is frustrating lol! It's been removed XD

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    Grr. well I tryed to watch it but im sure you know why i coulden't watch it.

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    Damn it! It be gone!

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    This Furstration is causing a lot of frustration.

    Would you mind explaining what this video was?

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    AHHH! that.... um ok calmer why do people see do this we are alot better and jease just look at this
    ok they obiously have the wrong idea of what happens here oh well. But personally i see why you laugh they are ignorant

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