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Thread: Tamael waves hi

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    Default Tamael waves hi

    Hi everyone,

    Logged back into the forums after getting back to the chat and all.

    Tamael is a 24 year kitty thats well known by the furnature of the chat.

    not much to share other than that i hang out in the chat most of the time.


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    *gets a saucer of milk to welcome the Bengel kitty*

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    mew, *licks the milk purring*

    hope the forum will notice soon that i introduced myself. wana check out 2 topics people are telling me to check.


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    Hey Kitty Welcome to ADISC, i hope to see you in the chat sometime or the boards even =)[/FONT]

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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any hobbies or interests? Hope you enjoy this site and its helpful and supportive community! Peace and Love

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