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Thread: TSA pat downs

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    Default TSA pat downs

    Recently, airport security was increased to require pat down searches for everyone.

    I travel padded and don't want to be embarrassed or do the private pat down search because you are separated from your carry on luggage (computer could go missing, etc).

    Am a little worried about upcoming travel because of the potential humiliation, but am more worried about travel without protection.

    Has anyone been through the pat downs while wearing a diaper? How did it go?

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    As people have said in another recent thread (, they're trained to not care, so don't worry about it

    Besides that, I can't help! (Having never worn in public, nor flown on a commercial plane )

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    Been there done that with extra diapers in my carry-on. The expression on the guys face was on of borded indifference like everyone who comes through wears diapers or something. Further, can u imagine how many sex toys or cross dressers have come through believe adult diapers don't even register with a TSA agaent. I would't recommend wearing a super bulky diaper however becuase they may suspect you of carrying something in your pants like drugs. Then you get the strip search, fun if you like public humiliation, and I don't

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've had the pat-down experience at the airport. They really don't care.

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    From what I've read elsewhere and could find here, I think patdowns as standard are just for international flights inbound to the US from countries that we're scared of. We might be hysterical, but we still have some limits as to what we'll accept long-term domestically. I guess we can inconvenience and mistreat foreigners all we like, though.

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    Thanks Trevor, that was the info I was looking for. Every page I found was talking about proposed domestic pat downs.

    Badger, that thread didn't seem to be the information I was looking for at all other than TSA disinterest of diapers.

    What I wanted to know was if I wear a Bambino and a duo (my standard configuration) is that enough padding that I get strip searched. Padding is not just cause to suspect someone of smuggling drugs and if they use the 'criminals use diapers to smuggle' argument they can somehow scare the judge into agreeing that the strip search was justified.

    I might just call an attorney before I fly out just to see where things stand for me in those situations. It used to be so much easier to travel by plane. Given the choice, I always go by choice in this situation.

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    Thanks to Val, CDaze and BMage for the input as well!

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    Been there, done that. The guy kept on talking about some meaningless topic (the weather, presumably - it was in Britain after all, and Brits just love talking about the weather!). I'm sure the guy has felt enough diapers in his life, and probably more embarrassing stuff, like chastity (cock) cages, boners or piercings in rather odd places.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I think patdowns as standard are just for international flights inbound to the US from countries that we're scared of..
    Name a country the US isn't scared of?

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    Japan. If we traded any more stuff, the US and Japan might as well combine because of so much stuff that we trade. We give them almost any raw material they want and they give us almost every bit of refinement from those raw materials. Computers, manga, tv, cars, games, game consoles, robots, cheap useless toys, little kid toys, older kid toys, adult toys, and various other items that we could possibly imagine that China hasn't already produced for us yet.

    On a more serious note, pat-downs are kinda stupid.

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