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    Default *bounces in*

    Hai! ^^

    My name is Sam, and I'm a 17 year old West Australian.

    Um... I'm not entirely sure what to put in here, so I'll just stick a few of my interests and how I got into diaper wearing. ^^;

    I'm a huge fan of anything computer or book related. I'm very proud of my Pokemon knowledge; I can cheerfully name every Pokemon, how good each one is in competitive play and what each one's possible movesets could be. Same with the Zelda series; I know a loooot about it. XD
    My favourite genre is (obviously) fantasy. The Farseer trilogy is one of my favourite books, I have to say.

    I'm not sure how normal this is on a site like this, but I have an imaginary friend, who I've named Beldin (or Bel). He often says fairly amusing things.
    You get cookies if you guess where the name is from. :P

    A friend got me into diapers a few weeks ago, but I only bought them for myself yesterday. I'm still a little unsure about actually wearing them; even though I love the feel of them, it still seems a little iffy to me. Hopefully my time here will help me with that! ^^

    Anyways, that's me. Don't be shy to ask questions or anything; I don't have much to hide. *grins*

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    *pouncehugs another fellow aussie*

    Welcome to adisc sammybear.

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    Croeso (Welcome in Welsh) Can we have New South Wales back please as Old South Wales is a bit wet, cold and icy at the moment.
    Seriously, I hope you have lots of fun on the site and make lots of new friends. I would also suggest that you take your time with what you mentioned in your post, and don't feel pressed into going faster than you feel you want to. That way you will better enjoy what you're doing and it will be longer lasting.

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    Welcome to ADISC Sammybear !!! i thought australia lost its ability to surf the Net ??? oh well glad to see you here hope to see you more=)

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    @ diapersrulez
    Haai! But where I'm from, 'here' and 'bear' don't rhyme :P

    @ nappies4fun
    Thanks! It's great, isn't it? XD I had one saying 'So a man and a monkey walked inot a bar. I forget the rest of the joke but your mum is a whore', but I thought it might be a little mature for a 13+ forum ^^;

    @ Bigboy
    Thank you so much. *snugs*
    I will take my time with this, especially seeing that if Mum finds out I have a secret cashe of nappies hidden in a box under my bed, I'll be booted out of the house. XD

    @ SquishyTushie (awesome name, btw XD)
    We haven't yet, no. The delegation still has to be passed (I think)... and I'm not sure adisc is even on the blacklist. ^^

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    I guess beldum!

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