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Thread: Breast Size.

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    Default Breast Size.

    I am pretty sure this was a topic on the old forum, what's your perfered breast size?

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    Well..I've a pretty good situation (from most boys perspectives, of course), because I got to tailor my breasts to the size I like. I grew out to a certain point, of course, because of the hormones - but have had augmentation since then :3 I'm now a US 34C/AU 12C. So..I guess you could say that medium is my preferred size :D

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    Pfft... I don't wanna get breat augmentation... It just seems so fake...
    'sides... I wouldn't want large breasts... medium at the most...

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    Mine feel pretty good :3 They're like..70% real; they just needed that extra nudge to be how I wanted them to be.

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    Any size, any consistency -- big, small, tiny, handful, more-than-a-handful, edible, powdery!

    Breasts are breasts, and breasts, being part of the feminine form, are beautiful!

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    It depends, sometimes I love small ones, sometimes medium, sometimes large.

    They are all good. :p But bigger isn't ALWAYS better.

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    So long the proportions match to the rest of a woman's body, I'm not fussed. I'm not a fan of womens breasts being x10 that of there total weight.

    As far as my own breast size goes I'd prefer not to have any at all.

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    I don't care what size they are. Unless they are stupidly big or something, but I really don't care.

    I don't find them sexually appealing at all anyway.

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    I voted medium. My view of breasts is I do not mind A cups, as long as its not completly flat A, mainly because it gives the girl a cute babyish kind of appeal. That is the way my ex was, she was an A cup but she was not flat, they were just pretty small, but very perky so I liked them. Now when it comes to big boobs I actually hate them a lot. Anything that is bigger than a C I do not like, it just gets in the way during sexual activities, plus I do not like it when the nipples are the size of saucer plates! :S

    So I like B and C cups on a girl the most, perfect size I think. Also the perkier the better. So I am pretty laid back when it comes to breasts as long as they are not big I like them. I am more off a butt man, because a well shaped medium sized butt drives me wild.

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    D-cups are my personal preference...


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