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Thread: Bigger Diapers = Cozier Night

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    Smile Bigger Diapers = Cozier Night

    oki, so i usually wear drynights to bed (now and again) but recently i have been to excited and thinking about them to fall asleep...
    but the other night i made some makeshift towel diapers (that are HUGE and BULKY) that make your legs go appart and you cant walk in them without waddeling. so i slept in them and i had to best nigths sleep EVER
    it was great, i had a dummy in and everything and i can hardly ever sleep with a dummy in...

    has anyone else had this or a similar experience?
    i.e. finding it easier to sleep with a bulky diaper than a smaller one


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    Well yes for me, but from another way. I have depends fitted breifs large and molicare breifs large. The molicares are a bit bigger and bulkier. But i dont have to worry about leaks with them. I wear for bedwetting but I think it still applies here. The more comfy you feel and confident, the better the sleep. That and less sheets to wash lol

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    To me any nappy would be cozy to sleep in.

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    All depends on my mood... Sometimes I can sleep well in thick diapers some times I can't.... There have been may times I have to get up, take the diaper(s) off, and clean up, before I can fall asleep.

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    It doesn't matter to me as long as I'm daipered, but if a daiper is too big, it feels awkward

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