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Thread: Ordering diapers without Credit Card

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    Smile Ordering diapers without Credit Card

    Hello evryone i have a question: is there a way to order diapers wothout a credit or debit card? I (like most Teenagers) do not own a credit or debit card and i was wondering if there was a way to get some of the good brands like bambino or molicare without that kind of payment. if you have any alternative ways plz list them

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    You can buy a prepaid credit card.. or you know I think Walmart sells Molicare. Find out the total, then at a Walmart store buy a Walmart gift card and you could use that online at

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    I know Bambino accepts money orders by snail mail, it just takes a bit longer for your order to ship. There are other suppliers who also take money orders such as XP Medical.
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    I have orded nappies in the UK without a using credit/debit card. I printed out an order form and sent of cheque. I used Tender-Care and had my order delivered within a few days. It did take a little bit of web-searching to find a site that had the postal option, whilst also taking other factors into consideration such as it seeming a trust-worthy site and having discreet packaging etc.

    Hope you find something just right for you.

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    Other have all ready said it. Pre-paid card or money order are options... Just never send cash in the mail.

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    cash in the mail is slow and unreliable, however if you must do it that way, go to a grocery store, i use harris teeter, a large grocery store, and get a western union chashier check, or what ever you want to call it. they are only a dollar and you can put the exact amount on them. then you just have to fill out a form on the website that you are buying from and print it out. im sure you know how to mail a letter so i wont continue.

    walgreens, cvs, or most any store sells prepaid visa gift cards. the only problem is that only a few sites will let you use them. this is because most sites use paypal, and paypal doesnt like that payment method. one site that i know works is xpmedical, they selll molicares and abena, plus some other brands. i always order from them and i have always used a prepaid visa gift card. these things will actually cost you about 5 dollars after the money you originally put on it. they only come in 25, 50 and 100 dollars so you probably will want to get the 50 because that will cover the diapers and shipping.

    if you dont care for xpmedical, just look for any site that accepts visa and try to avoid sites that use paypal. it isnt always the case that if they use paypal, you cant use your visa card.

    also, im not sure how old you are, but you can open a free student checking account with bank of america and they give you a debit card. im 16 and i didnt even need my parent there to be a co-signer or anything


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