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Thread: GoodNites XL

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    Default GoodNites XL

    Boys' GoodNites Training Pants 21-pk. - L/XL : Target
    Girls' GoodNites Training Pants 21-pk. - L/XL : Target

    I looked on Target.Com for those Goodnites boxers someone mentioned in another thread. I happened to run across these - Goodnites XL - and I figured I'd post these for people who might not know about them.
    I'm kinda thinking about buying these - they're cheaper than all of the adult diapers I've come across, and I'm around the weight limit (about 115).

    What do you guys think?

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    Butterfly Mage


    You have to take into consideration that a product meant for bedwetting is never going to absorb as much as a product meant for full urinary incontinence.

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    i think you should go buy them they absorb quite alot (and the designs on the girls are really cute)

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    Do not buy them. They are not for adult sized bladders. They absorb NOTHING! Just buy the adult diapers. Get better ones (Molicares are nice) and keep them on for longer.

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    I wasn't thinking of wetting in them, as an FYI. I just extremely miss the the feel of diapers, and I can't find the ones around my house, so I was thinking of buying cheap ones...

    EDIT: Oops, this was suppost to go in the "Diaper Talk" forum. Sorry. Can you move it, please?
    EDIT 2: Scratch that - I thought I put it in Adult Baby.

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    Go to rite aid they have goodnight knock offs with rite aid brand name on the package, no designes just plain white pull ups.

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    Just get some depend diapers they sell them everywhere and they hold so much more than any goodnight... thats what I would do, and that is what I do, I cant find nice diapers either =-(

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    the fact is although they may be cheaper, you will go through WAY more of them cause they don't absorb nearly as much.
    you mentioned you might not wet them, but i think you might want to at some point (trust me on this one, it is too tempting)

    plus I find pull ups don't feel like a "diaper" at all.

    the feeling of taping one up and the fit it gives when done right...well it just can't be beat in my opinion

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    I agree with trojannman. It would have been different about eight years ago when Goodnites were at their zenith. If you live near a Walgreens I'd suggest their Certainty diapers. The fit is excellent, they're extremely discreet if you wish to wear them under street clothes, they're affordable, and they feel like your actually wearing a diaper, because you really are.

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    i'd say get them if you like them they hold ok and feel great
    don't listen to everyone else, these diapers are ok, sure not the best. but they are ok, and they have cute designs on them

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