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Thread: Kmart Diaper Gift Card!

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    Default Kmart Diaper Gift Card!

    For Christmas, my Aunt got me a $25 gift card to kmart. :P I don't live near a kmart though.

    But! It just hit me now, Kmart has an online store!!
    Check it out, they have an okay diaper selection i guess and I have $25 bucks!

    So I'm asking you guys to check it out, if you had $25-30 dollars to order diapers from kmart, what would you get?

    They even have a reusable diaper for guys!

    I think I might print out directions to the nearest kmart. I just got my license a few months ago and I don't know the roads :P

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    underjamz or pampers size 7

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    i would probably use it to suppliment a video game. thats just me. i dont like to order diapers when I can go out and buy them at the store.

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    Nick of N.J., You may want to order them on-line first and have them sent to the store where you can then pick them up. Quite often, the stores do not have these items in stock, you have to order them first. This might save you a trip to the store, only to find that the item/ items you want are not there.

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    Not much of a selection there.... The Tena Ultra are the best they have, but they are $69.00. Your other choice is Depends Max. IMHO everything else you will be disappointed. A combo of Depends Max with a baby diaper of your choice would make a good diaper. I did a search for Goodnites but found nothing.

    Also I'm confused as to why they have Walgreens adult pull-ups on their site.

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