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Thread: Random Thoughts on Putting Bad Diapers to Good Use

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    Default Random Thoughts on Putting Bad Diapers to Good Use

    I constantly experiment with diapers, stuffers, and any combination thereof, and usually my theory is to stuff a good diaper (Abena/Bambino/Molicare) with a lesser diaper or baby diaper. Today I changed that up a little with great results.

    I recently ordered some Abena Air Plus Xplus's, which are very similar to the normal Xplus, but with a breathable (read porous) cloth like cover. It did not take me long to discover that they get an unpleasant clammy and moist feeling after only a wetting or two. I was pretty bummed because these were not inexpensive, and they are known to have massive capacity that I just couldn't bring myself to use because of the discomfort.

    I got to thinking, and it occurred to me that the stuffer is usually what takes the abuse while the outer most diaper takes the least. So what sense does it make to put the best thing where it will see the least duty? Also when stuffing a nice diaper with leak guards, I find that the stuffer can sometimes wick over the leak guards and cause a leak. I decided to modify an airplus by perforating it evenly all over the pad and then covering it with a larger Depend plastic backed brief I had in the stash with a couple of boosts sandwiched in between.

    This gives the full advantage of the "package space" comfort, capacity, and leak guards of the Abena without the clammy cold feeling, and it holds more than a dromedary hump. I'll be using these as an inner layer for some time.

    /random out

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    I did this before, I accidently got a package of abena in size large, waaaay to big for me. What I did was cut around the padding of the abena, leaving about a inch, so it would all stay together, but making it into just a thick pad with leak guards. I use a attends with waistband, because it has the best fit on me, but really bad, next to nothing absorbence. I just lay the abena in the attends like a doubler, and just left the plastic backing of the abena alone, because the attends absorbs so little anyway.
    I also used some of the cut abenas just in regular undies (best to use the themed undies, like spiderman briefs ), and that works extremely well for me

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