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    Just a brief intro, this is the first time I have posted anything so bear with me.
    Basically I'm a long time DL and have struggled with this issue throughout my life. Having a lot of ambivalent feeling for a long time and looking to accept myself for who I am. Other interests have to do with outdoor sports, fishing, shooting sports, and just plain enjoying the outdoors. Not too much of that now due to the winter. Basically my life is improving but not as fast as I would hope for. Financially it could be a lot better, but who doesn't have that problem today? How I found the site I think I just used different search engines using various key words. I really enjoy reading the stories, but don't have any talents for writing or for that matter any other artistic talents. I do struggle with my guitar, enjoying that as a winter time activity. Another passion of mine has to do with the ocean, did some sailing but had to curtail that when the money got tight. I don't usually write a lot of anything, and that goes for face-book too because I'm not a great typest/speller. I also have to use the computer for a living so I'm not overly found of typing recreationally. Well that's about it for now. Wish you all a healthy,prosperous and happy New Year.

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    Hey there! The name is Scritcher, aka Syd. Have a wonderful time here!

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    Welcome to the site. There are a lot of differant people on here so you will meet a bit of everything. I too found this site to help me with my incont. issues, and so far it has been the best support site for me. AB/DL/TB/FB/IC are all here and we all get along great. What kind of shooting sports? I am into target shooting which my wife has also taken an interest in. Guns guns guns i guess. Anyways welcome and have fun!

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    Smile Welcome longtimecoming2012.

    Welcome longtimecoming2012 and hello from down under.
    Seems like we found this great site at about the same time.
    I have been interested in diapers (nappies here in Australia) all my life, plus cross dressing and baby things, so learning to accept that as being a part of me, took many years. Until I could love myself, all my relationships were doomed before they started. Now I am so fortunate to have someone to love (and she is wonderful) life is now less about me getting and more about us and giving.
    My diploma in IT is about 15 years old and I do not work in that industry, but if I did I would not like typing recreationally either, (I am lost without the F7 button).
    It is a great summer here for outdoors, Ports, beaches and lakes are not far from home. Thank you for your wishes for a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year.

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    hi! welcome to ADISC!

    nice intro! Yes, doeesn't it feel great sometimes to take a deep breath, and just accept yourself. Lot'f of us here have had challenges in accepting AB/ DL stuff. I myself tried to "quit" several times (The longest I could diaper-fast was about 5 months)

    Theres some really kool DLs out in the Nutmeg State (I am in NY) and I want to wish you a Happy New Year!

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