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Thread: Can I have a review, please?

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    Default Can I have a review, please?

    Hey, everyone. I was wondering if anyone who has used the Walgreens sleep pants can give me a good (detailed) review? I haven't seen any detailed ones on here... I was also curious, are they found in the kids/baby diaper section or adult incontinence section? This could be my link to finally getting diapers "^_^ and thanks in advance

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    I can't help you from personal experiences because I wear cloth, but from everything I've read from the various threads, those who buy over the counter seem to think the Walgreen's are the best. They would advise you, however, that if you order a better diaper from the internet, to do so. All of the over the counters seem to leak and not fit as well as better brands like Abenas and Biancos. I'm sure those with experience will weight in.

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    I've only tried some poor quality "Medical Line" diapers from some brand I forgot, and some Depends (Red bag/Classic?) and some generic stuffs.

    I can't comment too much on the Walgreens but like dogboy has already said, people often give positive comments to the Walgreens brand. In fact, if I recall correctly, the Walgreens brand has always been regarded as one of the best generic diapers you could buy. For as long as I remember (remember when 56k was relevant? in the U.S.?)
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    I think you get the sleep pants in the baby diaper section. The adult diaper section has it's own overnights. I personally like the Walgreens adjustable underwear. It is a fairly close approximation of a softback baby diaper, even with single tapes on the sides.

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    I have warn them a few times. I generally wear "real" diapers because I find pull-up a pain to change because you have to take your pants off in order to put them on/off.

    They are very similar in design to all the other non-Goodnites/UnderJams designs. They are pretty thick with standing leakguards. They have similar absorbency to Goodnites however I don't think they absorb as fast.

    The biggest plus is that when they go on sale they are inexpensive. I have seen them go as low as $3.99 per pack. I have also seen them at $5.99 and buy 1 get 1 50% off.

    Hope that helps.

    I also posted some info here:

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    Do they have designs on them? And do they actually run very large, like it says on

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