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    I tried this over at Teenbabynet, and, as usual, got back sarcastic jack-ass replies. I want to know if online websites, like, ships baby diapers just as they are, or in boxes.

    I have a whole bunch of roommates (I'm in WA going to school now), and I obviously don't want any unfortunate incidents.

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    P.S. I don't care about opinions on size. Sorry, I just don't. No offense.

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    I guess it depends on how many you buy, if your only buying a few packs they will just come in the plastic bags like you see in stores but in a carboard box that would hold 2 bags.

    If you buy a case you get sometime 3 or 4 packs in a carboard box, check if the place you order from has discreet shipping, but I would doubt you would need to be secrative about baby diapers, so the brand name will be on the box.

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    When I bought a case of pampers size 7's offline when they first came out, they shipped the case like you would see in the store. Hope this helps.

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    I ordered a pack of goodnites from and it came in a white bag with the Target logo all over it. It was a thick bag with no way to see what was in it. I suppose baby diapers would be shipped in the same manner since the goodnites are under the baby section of their site.

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    i would think that a case of pampers or huggies would ship in a white cardboard box that had pampers/huggies logos all over it, like you see at costco. if you ordered a single pack it might ship in a plastic envelope-type thing. i'd be extremely cautious if discretion is an issue.

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    Don't know for sure.

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    Mmkay. If it's so unsure, I might have to stick with Bambino or something. I dunno, I feel really really creepy when I order from those people (no offense fellow TBs)... even creepier than wearing baby diapers.

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