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Thread: your first youube video

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    Default your first youube video

    if you have a youtube channel and you make videos, put you first video you ever made

    this is mine
    YouTube - the captcha video
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    Quote Originally Posted by r4di0sensitive View Post
    if you have a youtube channel and you make videos, put you first video you ever made

    this is mine
    YouTube - the captcha video
    I hate those so much! Important meaning but so annoying sometimes. I do have a YouTube Account of the same username tk7432 but have never made a video... yet.

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    I've never really uploaded any videos I made.
    I did record a commercial for (Because they were so terrible), but they were later deleted due to copyright issues.

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    That's my first ever video, I've been trying to upload more videos (how to plays) for about 6 months now, but every time I do, youtube has an error, and I can't convert from MOV to a file they accept without paying, and i cba to do that just to put stuff on youtube

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    Although I didn't "make" this video, I am in it, and it is the first one on my YouTube channel.
    YouTube - The Drying Hands Dance
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    YouTube - Saviors! making of! By Jeffy LUXURY

    From when I recorded my single.

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    I don't really make vids, I upload clips from funny shows :P The first one I uploaded was YouTube - Village sniper

    I do have a couple of one that I made, this being the first: YouTube - Tiesto Live at creamfields 2008 The crowd singing still sends shivers down my spine :X

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    The bunny sleeper one is the oldest one I have up
    YouTube - Me in my bunny sleeper

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    I don't put anything up on youtube. Just on the slight chance I make a video that is good I don't want it to get sold and not get a dime of it.

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