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Thread: Do you consider yourself an adult?

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    Default Do you consider yourself an adult?

    Considering the nature of this forum, I thought this might be an interesting question: Mentally speaking, when do you think you stopped being a child/adolescent and matured into an adult?

    Even though physically and legally I'm an adult, I think at around the age of 8 I entered a mental adolescence which I have yet to leave. While I'm able to see other people's points of view, realise the world doesn't revolve around me, and other hallmarks of maturity, I'm still a highly irresponsible person, and in most cases I'll end up doing what I *want* to do instead of what I *should* do, which usually means I end up leaving messes that the people around me have to clean up. A major concern of mine is that I'll still be just as immature in 5, 10, or even 20 years time.

    So, do you see yourself as an adult? If so, at what point in your life do you think you became one? What events in your life do you think caused the change?

    Keep in mind that being an adult does not necessarily mean you don't have an inner child.

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    Its very hard seein myself as an adult. When i think of being an adult i think of a person who works hard and also is very busy alot. I think of myself as a teen that likes to talk to othes and have a good time. Also I like alot of care and attension from others.

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    This is a hard question to answer, like you I have realized that the world doesnt revolve around me though I fight that most of the time to try and keep at least a bit of it still doing so.
    I feel mentally stuck around the age of 5 most of the time, as I feel that people are doing things cause they dont like me or they are mad at me when its usually more the typical because they have to cause the real world demands it. I still do not clean up after myself either, and have a great wife who does alot of things for me, and my day just isnt complete with out being tucked in with my stuffed animal, read a story to, and getting a kiss good night on the forehead, if these things dont happen I dont get very good sleep at all.

    I feel I put on a great act everyday when I am in the work place, but sometimes the kid inside just wants to scream and get out, but I am usually able to keep him in. All my co-workers tell me that I remind them of their kids as I have toys and cars pictures and stuff to play with to help me maintain sanity well at work..

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    I thought we weren't supposed to be adults on this site!

    But even though I am 9 months away from it I do consider myself responsibly and personally as an adult. It takes a level of maturity and a level of responsibility to consider yourself as an adult, yet since I do work and I am in my last year I do believe that I am an adult even though I am legally am not.

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    Yeah... a lot of the time, anyway. =P

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    It depends upon the definition of adult. There are many definitions, and each will lead you to a different answer based on the person.

    The first and most obvious would be the legal definition. In the US anyway, you are an "adult" at 18. We shall leave this one out since this is too concrete and not at all what the op was talking about. So forget what the law says this one time

    The second is something a bit less black and white, but still commonly used. If you measure adulthood by one's ability and success to go out on their own, have a career, and start their own life, then you can say one who fulfills these requirements has ascended to "adulthood". The definition of "success" can vary from person to person, but for now, lets just say the ability to support oneself. Simple and straightforward. Doesn't mean the person is happy, just able to survive in the adult world and does not take into account emotions, feelings, or even personality or day to day actions. If you choose this as the definition of "adult", then yes, I am one. I live on my own and work as a nurse in a hospital. I make my own money and can live independently. Therefore, I cannot escape the label "adult".

    The third meaning takes into account mannerisms, emotions, thoughts, and some aspects of "maturity" not necessarily taking into account exclusively one's ability to support oneself. For instance, how you act, how you think, etc. In this way, I am absolutely not an adult. Not at all In fact, I am still being called immature to this day. While I am mature enough during my work hours to work where I do and perform my job well, in other life aspects and my day to day actions, I fail as an adult

    I suck at saving money and delaying gratification, I'm impulsive, I act like a kid, I still whine at times, I play around and still pretend, I HAVE TO sleep with a teddy bear and I still suck my thumb, I cry often, I'm childishly stubborn, I still have yet to get how "adults" think, I still believe in magic, I still live in my imagination, I get embarrassingly giddy over candy and sweets, people tell me I'm much too innocent and ridiculously naive, and a pile of other things. Whenever I visit home, I still get the "grow up" lecture. I'm the older sibling, but only in physical age. My brother is by far the more mature and is the one who gives me advice (he's the definition of adult). So yeah, this third definition kills my adultness.

    Fourth definition is again concrete. Starting a family of your own. In that I am also not yet an adult.

    I'll stop with those. So yeah, that's my long answer for you

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    interesting question. i think of myself as a mature and responsible person, and able to function in adult society. perhaps i'm an adult, but i don't really come across as a "man." people are much more likely to refer to me as a "boy" than a "man," and even people who are around my age tend to call me a kid.

    i'm sort of wondering when i'm going to cross that threshold and become the sort of person that people think of as a "man." will it be when i get wrinkles? or a receding hairline? would things change if i grew a beard? every once in a while someone refers to me as a "man," and it's always sort of a shock. call me a "guy" if you want, but "man" just sounds wrong.

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    I consider myself nothing, by defining yourself as mature you are limiting your ability to mature further. So am I an adult? Legally yes I am, but in my mind I am on a ladder that never ends and as I mature I move up the ladder. At this point in my life I can't see the ground but I am nowhere near being able to see where the ladder leads.

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