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Thread: My doggy needs a name!

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    Default My doggy needs a name!

    So... I had to do it... I couldn't resist this face

    I walked into Toys R Us and he was just sitting there staring at me, begging me to take him home. I said no, I couldn't take him with me, but he just stared at me with puppy dog eyes! *brags and brags*

    Anyway, I have been trying to think of a name that fits him but I'm really indecisive. Every time I look at him I just begin giggling uncontrollably.
    I finally got him! *brags some more*

    Any suggestions?

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    What breed is it? If a big dog it could be called 'Sultan', or if a small dog, 'Pixie'.

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    Charlie, Benjie, or Muttley

    God dammit, you're making me want to go to toy r us now, he's well cute :P

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    Anything but Bruce! That's already taken, by my teddy. Maybe George, or Zach, or Nate, or Colin, or Logan (I cheated and looked at an old yearbook for those names ) Congrats on the new doggy, he looks most cute and cuddle-able

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    Ziggy, Bumble, Doodle, or Dutch. ....or WanWan....or Woobly. :3

    *noms on snow*

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    Or Smokey :3

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    oh my god he is cute...

    anyways how are you going to use him? just to cuddle with, or have him protect you while your sleeping since he is huge.

    My biggest stuffed dog is my protector while I sleep.. so I gave him a strong name "Bruno", plus he is a st.bernard.

    So yeah, find out what his personality is first then give him a name.

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    What a seriously cool doggie ! =)

    He needs a good name like ; Mocha Swirl, or Mushpuff, or Digglypoof, maybe Smoochpooch ? or how about BOB haha, Wimplie, Mr. Hoogs ?

    I hope you find his right name XD

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