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Thread: Where to buy Diapers?

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    Default Where to buy Diapers?

    Hey you all, I like in Lakewood, Colorado and own a car, just wondering if any of you knew a good place to buy diapers in or near Denver or if anyone knew of any small pharmacy's near me... Thanks a ton, would love to hear really from anyone with suggestions... I'm looking for higher quality diapers than like depends, so yeah if you have any ideas that would be great, Thanks again...

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    about the only place you're going to find anything better than depends is in a medical supply store. The ones around here carry molicare among the cheap ones. Your best bet it to order online. If you're worried about having someone see them, have them sent to your local UPS store.

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    How do you get them sent to your local ups store, and I can't really find any small independent medical supply stores sadly enough... Um Thanks a ton, if i were to order them what ones would you order?

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    The best thing to do is look for a place on line that sells sampel packs, you can buy a few of each of the diapers you want to try and make the decision for yourself, I would order some mediums and larges just to see how they fit.

    If your on the smaller side go for smalls and mediums I do believe Northshore sells sample packs.

    This way you don't have to make a committment to a case, before you order go to the UPS store and rent a box, that way they will be shipped to your box number,(that is the address you have you stuff sent to) it dosen't matter that your box only holds letters, they just keep the big packages in back.

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    You know I was thinking about that, it sounds like a great plan, maybe I will, its not that large either...

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