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    Default Well hey there

    Well hey there everyone.
    Just been having a nosy 'round this fine site you have here for the last couple of months. Seems like a fine well oiled machine!
    Don't normally make intro's but it seems like the logical move on here

    Also, nice to see Staff members using smilies! You don't get much of that anymore.

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    Welcome ^_^

    You have any hobbies or interests? Care to tell us a little about yourself? We (generally) don't bite. Just watch out for Pojo...or that other ninja guy...


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    You talkin' 'bout me, Danny? How dare you.

    Er, I mean...welcome to ADISC!

    Enjoy the site, and tell us a little more about you!

    --The Foxxeh Assassin--

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    My orfices ooze with anticipation. Perhaps the clam-slammer does not compute with pickled herring? Hairy legs make harried hares hairy.

    Welcome, I for one do not bite, but may occasionally assault with such pervasiveness that one may be unsure about my sanity, albeit I sporadically have an awkwardly verbose nature, but let that not deter you from participating in a wholehearted and blithesome way.

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    Welcome enjoy your stay just don't drink the kool-aid

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    Generally? ^^

    Currently going to college, taking 4 A-Levels (Pain!), Like the old computer games. Also like Wow. (Yeah, yeah. I know ^^). Also got into the AB MUD someone posted in Games.
    In generally my hobbies are computer based things. Like repairs, games, occasional problem solving .ect
    Oh and one more hobby. Sleep. Haha!

    Thanks for all the welcomes!

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    Hey, Mac! The name's Scritcher, or Syd. Nice to see you here.

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