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    So after a lot of thinking and putting it off, I am finally taking a trip to Sin City next month. Its for a friends birthday, but we are all going to be taking in the sites and not just gambling our money away lol

    Has anyone else ever been? Any recommendations on attractions/shows to take in that wont end up putting me in debt?

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    I haven't been there since they added it in but I think they have a place called the test track or something similar where they have a wide selection of cars you can drive around a race track or test track. Of course these cars are like farrais and lambo's, all the shit most of us will never own, yet would love to drive.

    Then there's a exhbit called Bodies I think where they have real bodies on display, they used a really new technique to preserve them without them decaying or even smelling. They also got bodies that got dissolved somehow yet left the blood vains remain, then they pump red dye into it and all you see is the average blood system of the human body. plus much much more cool stuff like that..

    Its not creepy at all asides for the infant/fetsus room which is skippable since its really sad. I went to one when it was over in Sacramento, So worth it.

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    If you're any good at poker, live games at the lower stakes available (lowest is generally 1$-2$ blinds) are notoriously easy to beat. Forget "gambling your money away"; you could turn a decent profit.

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