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Thread: Fursona rollcall!!

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    Default Fursona rollcall!!

    What is your fursona?

    For me, personally, I'm a red fox, however I have friends that are wolves, other foxes, snow leopards, and even a BEAR- SHARK!! om nom nom nom

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    Pink tigress, black stripes, the usual.

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    Black wolf (every artist has done grey for my pics though.. no complaints either way) , white chest, white tail tip, brown hair, hazel eyes.
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    Still don't really know what kind.

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    Arctic wolf but with the raccoon eye mask thing

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    Border Collie, Newfoundland & Arctic Wolf mix C:

    Not really a furry, though. Just an inumimi. But, hey, most would count me as a fur.

    EDIT: Obby, Jon. That's one sexy pic! 8U *nom nom nom*

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