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Thread: Your Collar!

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    Default Your Collar!

    So I figured this topic would fit well best here!

    I got a collar for christmas, and it's honestly like, my favoridest gift ever! So post a picture of yours, and if you can't a description and where you got it from!

    That is mine, I got it from my Protectors. It's not furry related, but BDSM related. They got it from a little fancy schmancy doggy shop called Bosco and Roxies in my city. As you can see from the picture its pink leather, and it has another little leather piece that detaches so you can add more charms or letters and such to it! It says Scamper cuz that's my name! Well... nickname. :P

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    Yeah, that is my collar.

    I used to have 25 shock collars (Mostly for band gigs), and 18 leather ones. >.<

    I need to get a new one though.. mines not that great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by s4u View Post
    Holy Poo Jon. Enough Collars?!
    There can never be enough collars.

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    I have one, just got it recently. It's very skinny pink with silver studs. I got it at Forever21 for dirt cheap - under 3 bucks.

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    I recently got myself a new collar finally. And once i get my new tag i will post some pictures of it.

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    my collar right now is a big nylon one but i dont wear it as a sign of being a furry, nor do i wear it outside of my house anymore (been there, done that). i have decided that i want a simple black leather collar like the one on S4u's sig. i have a whole bunch of links saved on places to get them, but i have been able to justify spending the money lately.

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    My collar is an actual cat one from the grocery store. Me and four of my friends randomly decided to buy them and wear them to school that day. I was like "yep. Soulmates." It's a red nylon one with white pawprints along it, and a silver bell.

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    Neko here, not a furry(I just lurk around on all parts of adisc from time to time) but I got a little collar from Wal-Fart a while ago, just black nylon, works well(By "Work" I mean looks okay, and feels comfy actually :P), has a cheap little tag w/ my name on it(I figure why not, something else for me to flick around and kill time with!)

    /rambleoff(Sorry Robert Plant!)

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