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Thread: Other Fetishes YOU have besides diapers

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    Default Other Fetishes YOU have besides diapers

    I was just curious to see what everyone else likes besides diapers. There are a lot of interesting fetishes out there, some of which I don't understand, and some I probably haven't even heard of yet.

    As far as the AB/TB world goes, The Furry Fandom is kind of a related subject to diapers (although the true furries apparently oppose this).

    What other fetishes do you guys have? I myself, am getting to be a little furry, and I really like the art. I don't think i'm anything else though, or maybe I just don't know any other fetishes. I've looked on Wiki at a list of different ones, but I have a feeling that there are many different fetishes than just the ones contained on that list, and probably even some undiscovered ones.

    So what else are you?

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    There's already a similar thread to this here:

    Feel free to reply to that one instead, it saves having more than one thread about the same thing.

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