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    Default Hi everyone

    I am new here i am hoping that this thread will people know who i am and mabey i can make some friends. i am 16 years old. female. some of my hobbies are playing music i play violin and viola. i love to talk with friends. (this may be a weird hobby) i love to studdy meds and learn about medical technology. that's my intro thank you for reading

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    Welcome to Adisc elfnyu, i think people who play the violin are pretty cool, i can't play it myself but i love the way it sounds. And i don't think its weird to wana study as a hobby it only means you have big plans in your future and thats a good thing=) Anyways happy Holidays and enjoy this site.... hope to see you around.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here! Just know that this is a great site with a supportive community to back it up. What music genres interest you?

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    Hi there Elfnyu!
    Violin and Viola, eh? Classical or folk style(s)? I can't play worth a darn (do 'Spoons' count?), but certainly love to hear folks who can.

    Welcome to ADISC!


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    well my three favorite styles of music are clasical, blugrass, and metal and i play more clasical music on violin and viola

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