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Thread: Happy Christmas 2009

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    Default Happy Christmas 2009

    What is every one going to do today for Christmas?

    Im going to eat a goose with my family. Then go for a walk down to Ryan's grave. Then come back home open presents and watch TV until 12am or so.

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    Happy Holidays! Bigot^ :P

    but in all seriousness, the world is ruled by lizards anyway. It's the truth. - Your #1 Source for the Truth
    So if you are celebrating any kind of holiday, it is thanks to our kind overlords who allow it.

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    Merry Yule and Happy Solstice heathens! :p
    So glad the sun/son is on the return! I love the seasons so much, it makes me want the other seasons so much more...

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    Merry Christmas ADISC !!!!!!

    Im going to be opening presents with family, and then more family is coming over, and then we are going to cook and eat and laugh and love till the sun is no more, then we shall drink and be merry till the nog is no more, and all the while enjoying our new presents and other gifts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    Merry Christmas!!
    Hey, a very narrow rectangle! Thanks, I didn't have one of those.

    Merry Christmas, everyone

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    I got up and opened my present's and played with my lil bro's toys, then more people come over and we do karaoke and dance, we then watch tv until its time for christmas dinner and drink.

    Merry Christmas to one and all

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    Merry Christmas ADISC!

    Hope everyone has a great day : D

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    Merry Christmas ADISC, spent most of te day with family downstairs, playing with my dad on his new wii games, tuning my electric guitar and having a traditional roast turkey dinner with cauliflower cheese & a christmas pudding :p

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    Merry Christmas all!


    I've been having a wonderful diapered day, got some great gifts (A MUCH better Christmas compared to a year ago) and some wonderful company. Gonna cook up a ham later today and enjoy a lovely evening with firelight and companionship.

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