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    As Christmas nears I am finding myself getting increasingly angry. I ask my friends to hang out with me and they reply "They are busy". So, cool I am alone for the day. I was trying to do some Economics the other day and I started to to day dream, so I started to cause physical harm to myself, nothing bug really, just like hitting myself as a way to get focused again.

    But, mainly I am getting angry for no reason really. Does this happen to anyone else? What could be the cause of this?

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    I get frustrated and cranky the last 2 months of the year, but that's natural for people who need to do a lot of holiday related things.
    I don't get angry enough to hit myself or anything though..

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    This happens to a lot of people, td. I was fairly depressed two days ago. I have trouble when I'm not busy working. It keeps my mind occupied. I can remember when I was in college, having a really lousy Christmas. I was expecting too much from it. When I was a kid, Christmas would be just awesome. As a college student my expectations were too high. I got really nothing for Christmas because my dad had a heart attack and there was little money, me in college and he never to work again.

    So you may be expecting things that can't happen again, like that wonder a child experiences. What happens though, is we find other things that have meaning in the season. For me now it's my family coming home. I love my kids, and as adults, there are so many things we can talk about. I must also confess that I'm one of "those" who believes in Christmas, the birth, and all of that, so I feel this incredible sense of wonder. The spirit moves in unpredictable ways.

    I suggest that rather than hurt yourself, free your mind. Become perceptive to those things around you, both seen and unseen. Enjoy your family, and your friends when they are free. Perhaps you can go out to a mall with a friend or two. Doing things like that is a lot of fun.

    I live in my music, and at this time of year the music is great. Surround yourself with those things which have meaning for you. I wish you and all our members lived close by. We could all hit the mall and put it on its ear. Then we could go out to the hiking trail and have a massive snowball fight. Then we could go home to my place, drink hot chocolate by the wood stove and tell outrageous stories. Imagine yourself in that place.

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    Sometimes, I'm a pretty angry person it seems, I try to be chilled out and let things slide but sometimes somethings get to me. Especially at winter time, my patience wears very thin, alot easier to be happy and care free when the sun is shining :P.

    I don't hit my self through, and as to cause... well life? If you've got stress in your life it could cause it, or if life isn't going too great in general it makes the little things seem more annoying.... Some people get depressed, some get angry.

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    It sounds like you have some sort of depression. Are you still seeing that doctor?

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    I think you are depressed, I would go see your doctor , If you dont want to see a doctor, im not trying to be funny but i would recomend that you buy a punching bag or something that you can hit to relieve your anger/stress, it does work, I use to go to anger managment classes when i was still in school and it helped a lot because i was really depressed and angry, I would hurt myself, Im not going to go into any detals, its the first time ive said anything about it here, If you do go to the doctor's, They may give you medication.

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    Sometimes people suffer from depression/anger when they aren't getting enough sunlight/UV rays, which can happen more easily during the winter months... Sometimes it's just the seasons changing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicky View Post
    It sounds like you have some sort of depression. Are you still seeing that doctor?
    Oh ya, I am still seeing her, every Friday. The only progress made so far is what my problems are, now we need to start working on fixing them and making me feel better about myself.

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