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    Exercise, yes, that godawful word. So far I've been doing this (even though it says 30 reps by 30 times, I call horse manure on that and just do each exercise 30 reps each):
    YouTube - 300 Spartan Workout 2

    I've been happy with how I feel overall (sans the fact that I've been doing it at 3am every 5 days while i work overnights), but the definition in my stomach muscles isn't coming through as expected.
    How long does it take for results like that to occur?

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    If your trying to get thse abs they have on TV, don't bother, if you want to just feel better about yourself keep going.

    If your not the correct body type, which I read was 2% of the population, the most you can hope for is a stronger body.

    If your are heavy,like in fat around your middel, you will never see results, your building muscle but it will be hidden under a layer of fat.

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    My dad got the P90X workout videos for his birthday, and I've never seen a tougher and more effective workout. It puts your spartan videos to shame. With these videos, you work out 7 days a week with specific muscle zones each day (that's where the spartan videos are off). First day is chest and back which means a tun of different types of push ups and pull ups. The second day is plyometrics, which has the squats, lunges, and jumps you saw in the spartan video. Third day is arms and shoulders which means curling; they have so many different types of curls it's incredible! fourth day is yoga which is so hard, it's nice though because every strength move is also a stretch at the same time so you feel great afterwords. fifth day is legs and back which means more lunges and pull ups. sixth day is kenpo which is punching and kicking, a very good cardio day. The seventh day is nothing but stretching, and even that is hard! Three times a week after the main workout there is the ab ripper day, and it's so hard. You do 25 reps for each move, you never do the same move twice, and you end up doing over 300 reps. The variety in each video is simply amazing, and it's set up in such a way where you never work on sore body parts.

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    If you want a look like the person in the video (which is not recommended) you not only have tot train a lot, but also have to eat very few to lose the fat reserves that are necessay for a normal human, but stops them from getting that really slim/tight belly/hip you see in the movie.

    Beside that, most excercises I have seen in the movie do not train those specific muscles, and are more for training arm/leg/uppertorso muscles.

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    The thing with the 300 training video is it's touted as "Get ripped with the same exercises that the Spartans from 300 used!"

    What they don't tell you is that when casting extras for the spartan army, they didn't pick any skrawny or overweight schlub on the street. They went to a modeling agent and grabbed some guys who were already pretty much ripped as can be, forced them to work out hardcore and build some more muscle and really define the abs.

    With that said, it took me maybe three weeks of 400 crunches every two days to get abs. But I didn't have much body fat to begin with, so they showed up easy.

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    Just beware of building muscle, if you do not keep building or at least train as much as you need to, the muscle you have built will just sag, and if you do not change your eating habits you have aquired, you will become a fat slob.

    I have seen this on a few guys I knew from when I was younger, they had great shapes and were very cool looking, but all except one or two became as big as a house, and a few died from other complications of being way too fat.

    Yes I would like to look like one of those ripped guys, but I think I would be happer as my skinny self, and not work out because I had to.

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    I've been working out as well, for about the last 6 months. And just like you, I feel better, stronger, and have more energy. I've also taken a hard look at my eating habits, and have either cut out or reduced the amount of junk I eat. Also, I've reduced my overall caloric intake. But, here's the problem: I already had a nice donut around my gut. So while I've lost about 30 pound in the last 6 months (I also think I've put some back on as muscle) I've still got a gut. And it's never going to go away. You can't actually "burn" fat, you can only make it smaller. But once it's there, its there. I've resigned myself to this fact, and have decided to press on anyway. I know I'll never look like Fabio, but as long as I can keep improving the quality of my body, rather than the appearance, I'm happy.

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    It's true that you cannot get rid of fat cells. When you get fat, the number of fat cells increases, and when you get skinny again the number of fat cells stay the same, they just shrink.

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    Considering most of the info on here is pointing towards the genetics side of things, how much does genetics play into this equation? For example (not trying to be too specific here), a close relative was a professional bodybuilder, will that fact affect me any?

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    Quote Originally Posted by link View Post
    It's true that you cannot get rid of fat cells. When you get fat, the number of fat cells increases, and when you get skinny again the number of fat cells stay the same, they just shrink.
    For years I tought that was true, untill I got rid of mine, you need to go way underweight to make them vanish, when I weighed what society told me I should weigh I had the fat roll, now that I waaaay under I have no fat at all.

    I started at 260 and was at 130 for decades now 105......couldn't be happier with my body.

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