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Thread: Need help

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    Exclamation Need help

    If anyone is good at making logo's for websites can yo let me know i need one for
    Internet Safety For Kids - Powered by CO.CC my website about internet saftey for kids/party and i think this should be pinned has my sits has lots of info
    kidssafety . co . cc for thos cant see links yet
    i can even post all the info on anther topic if the amin' and mods will let me and they can pin it ? could a mod/admin pm me and we can talk about it plz?
    ut i need a logo culd someone make me one plz thanks

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    A few points/problems:

    1) Spell check/grammar check! Please!!!

    2) How is the site at all for kids? You can't market something with "This site is for parents and kids about internet safety" when it's all aimed at adults.

    3) I don't think it will go down well here, considering you say that anyone under the age of 18 shouldn't be allowed to use a computer unless in a communal space in the house.

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    well i have the site up for info as some parents one site was on the news called blogt that a 6 year old had her own pc in her room with internet and webcam and some perv told her to get get naked and she did and well the site is still up but that guy got charged lets just say but that is for anther topic

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    That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that many members here, say from 15 on upwards will have computers in their room. Do you really think it's appropriate for the last age section to have that written?

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    it was on a offical website also so i just added more to it and easy for people to find it

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    Not really and if you look it links back to the main website i got it from tons of times about 25+ times so it takes to the main page of where i got it

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    I still think it's dissrespectful to take someone elses work and copy it without permission. Whether you count it as plagiarism or not.

    What are you doing to make your site more accessible to children?

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    one group on yt that does internet safty videos has my link on there page and some ther sites have it also and and 100% safe that is why i have no chat/forum that type of stuff n it

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    That doesn't mean it's any less disrespectable to have copied someone elses work. If I copied your site, layout and all, and passed it off as my own how would you feel? Especially if you'd put a lot of effort into it?

    Also, you *really* need to go through and sort your grammar out. Very little of it makes sense. Why would a parent listen to you if you can't form basic sentences, when there are hundreds of other websites out there telling them the same sort of things?

    Sorry if I sound harsh, I'm trying to make this constructive.

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