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Thread: The Copenhagen Conference on Global Warming.

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    Default The Copenhagen Conference on Global Warming.

    The Copenhagen Conference on Global Warming ended today.

    Do you think they accomplished their objection to curtail global warming?

    Do you think anything was really accomplished?

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    no.. they didnt *Shakes head* i was optimistic, but ultimately dissapointed, all i have to say is that for US in australia it shakes up abit of turmoil due to a cap and trade scheme being in the near completion stage, and the opposition party is proposing other ideas that, if elected would be enacted, their strategies arnt quite as good, the greens party have of course delivered, when interviewed on SKYnews earlier tonight, had the most logic and thinking in their talk.

    all n all. not too surprised but still dissapointed.

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    Thank God, no.

    Politicians are stumbling around trying to control something the scientists are only beginning to understand. As with most things governments fool with, the cure is likely worse than the disease.

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    Of coarse nothing happened. Local politics are complicated, national politics are incomprehensible and international politics are just hell. The resolution that they adopted it meaningless, but hopefully that won't stop any country from doing meaningful stuff when it comes to global warming...

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    They choose for the easy way now: doing nothing
    That in 50 years the world might have changed so much that human race is almost extinct, is not the point, because then they would have to make spend less on other parts or higher taxes, and those things are impopulair actions, so the next time they will probably not be chosen.

    Really, I predicted this all along.

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