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    I have been into diapers for as long as I can remember. I was able to start wearing again when my nephew was born and I could steal his diapers then through my teen years I started buying diapers from time to time and then in recent years I have been able to wear whenever I want. I am here to meet and talk with others that share my interest in diapers. I hope to get to know some new people through this site. If you would like to know more just message me.

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    Interesting screen name "pureReflect". What does it mean? I'm kind of envious that you got to wear diapers as a kid. I had to wait until I was grown up, but I sure enjoy them now. I wear every night to bed. So, tell us more about yourself, your other interests, and I'm sure you will make friends here on ADISC.

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    Welcome I envy you a little for being able to wear as a kid. I only managed to twice when i was about 8. Wasn't able to again until i was 15 and now wear to bed most nights.
    What other interests do you have? Movies/music?

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    hey welcome to ADISC hope you have a wonderfull time here, have you got anymore hobbies/interests.

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    Welcome to the adisc boards, your start got going much like others on here, nipping families nappies away here n there =P, so yeah please enjoy the site like i know you will looking forward to seeing you around.

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    Nice introduction and very well written. So, like others have said, what other interests/hobbies do you have? Is there anything particular you're looking for in a person to talk to here or anyone to share thoughts and ideas with?
    Also, please check out the Adisc chat on IRC. An easy way to do go is to go to CGIIRC (CGI:IRC Login) and just put in #adisc in the channel. There's 40+ people in there constantly and at least 3+ people actively talking at any hour.

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