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Thread: Water Shut Off

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    Default Water Shut Off

    So tomorrow (saturday), i was informed, the the "establishment" is going to be shutting down the water to our area for necessary repairs and such.

    From like 8 in the morning till about 4 pm they said it can may be out which means :
    No Sink =\
    No Showers =(
    No Potty =)

    What should i do ... should i wear some Goodnites and constantly change them through out the day ? it'd maybe be twice or thrice...

    Or should i just stuff an overnighter with two boosters and wing it for the day ?

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    First off, get up early and shower. Stuff an overnighter with boosters.

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    I think you just want people to tell you to wear....
    8-4 isnt long... I do that every day. The bathrooms at my school have no doors... so I dont use them.

    unless you have a weak bladder....

    Just have fun with it.

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    Shower the evening before or get up early. You will get one flush out of the toilet after the water shuts down, you should save it for pooping. Cleaning up a poopy diaper without running water in no fun. If you really want to wear diapers fine but realistically you can just pee without flushing. Or even flush with a bucket of water.

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    Public facilites maybe?

    Stay at a friends house?

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    8-4 really isn't that long, I had to go through many a day of no water when the were fixing/replacing the water pipes here. Shower the night before or the morning of, fill the tub with water, have a nice cool jug of water or two in the fridge and go on with your day. Before you know it, 4pm is already came and went...

    Just make sure you unscrew the aerator on one of the sinks and run the cold water for about 5 minutes to remove any debris and/or dirty water before using the water...

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    I've had the water out at my place on a couple of occasions. Usually, I end up going to the gym and/or the library. Coffee shops are also good, as are supermarkets... you should be able to find facilities to tide you over during an eight-hour period. You might want to fill a few pitchers with water for washing up in the morning and drinking, but it's up to you.

    Of course, if you wanted to use this occasion as an excuse to wear, you could do that too.

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    Or you could use the toilet and not flush it = /

    "If it's yellow, leave it mellow"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicky View Post
    Or you could use the toilet and not flush it = /

    "If it's yellow, leave it mellow"
    Exactly. Though wearing a diaper all day would be fun.

    I'd be more worried that my kettle isn't full of water for tea.

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    Here's the solution:

    Fill all the buckets you have with water, then use it to flush the toilet, make tea or whatever you desparately need water for. Obviously, showering won't work that day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    The bathrooms at my school have no doors... so I dont use them.
    You Americans really love to watch each other using the toilet, don't you? All the toilets in the student bars didn't have doors either.


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